The intelligent and trendy Airwheel smart electric hoverboard is the ideal personal transportation

The intelligent and trendy Airwheel smart electric scooter is the ideal personal transportation device for the whole families. Airwheel is a modern and fashionable personal transport that will efficiently get you to A to B in no time. Go wherever, whenever! New sights and adventures are just around the corner.

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Looking for a way to get around? Find your traveling companion from Airwheel electric hoverboard. Airwheel specializes in portable smart transportation vehicles, service robots, smart helmets, and power chair etc. and integrating R&D, design, manufacture and sales. It rises to prominence, for its sound reputation.

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Customer-oriented design concept is Airwheel’s philosophy with the products of standard-setting by considering every detail. Airwheel is dedicated to producing safe, solid and user-friendly products. It has provided comfortable user experience with its modern concise design for riders. Airwheel keeps continuous upgrade of user experience, both in material, function and safety who is proud of its wide range of products. Airwheel built its foundation with the electric unicycles to meet the adventurous riders’ demands. One year later, the 2-wheeled electric scooters were invented to let the public enjoy the high tech gadgets. Later, the folding e bikes including E series and R series were rolled out to make the daily commuting even more convenient. In 2017, the brand new products, like C series of and H series of power chair further extends its user-group.  


H3S lightweight folding power chair with the Omni-directional wheels, smart joystick controller and comfortable cushion, allows users to move around any time of the day. With the Airwheel mobile application, riders can control H3S smart chair in three different ways, keep track of how fast it goes, how far it has travelled, and much more. More importantly, it can automatically fold up and store in car trunk easily. Another new product is C8 full face helmet, constructed from high quality materials such as ABS (shell) and EPS (lining), which allows you to enjoy a safe and warm riding in winter.

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What Airwheel folding electric scooter did is more than just reinventing the wheel. It gives riders a new way to express themselves with a companion that will aid their everyday needs. Snatch a little leisure from a busy life and make the most of it.

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