InfographicAlley offering the first of its infographic networking platform

Unique online infographic directly, InfographicAlley launches the first of its kind infographic network that helps users find the best infographic for their needs

Infographic Alley is the first of its kind, infographic directory website that allows users to find the most suitable infographic for their needs, as it organizes and offers an extremely accurate infographic searching feature on the platform. has been described as the Number 1 Infographic directory site on the web, which also allows makers of infographics and other such users to submit their infographic.

Infographic is one of the most effective ways of communicating, as it combines art and creativity to explain things quickly. Infographic are particularly great in the present day, especially in a generation where the span of attention is lower than ever. Research has shown that the so called generaton-x has very little time to read, with social media and adverts focusing on the instant. Therefore, an infographic is one the best ways of communication as it is short, sharp, captivating and has a high impact. The effectiveness of infographic in passing messages has made it increasingly popular among companies.

However, getting the most suitable infographic has not been particularly easy, with businesses, individuals and other such users not finding infographic makers readily available. Makers of infographics have also struggled to reach their target audience and market. InfographicAlley is, therefore, creating a platform that brings together users and makers of infographics in a seamless way.

InfographicAlley offers different categories of infographic including SEO, beauty, family, funny, gaming, travel, technology, and entertainment amongst others. This ensures that businesses and other such users have a wide range of works to choose from while giving makers the opportunity to share their works regardless of their category.

InfographicAlley has consequently become one of the most sought-after sources of infographics, which can be rightly described as a comprehensive gallery for infographics. The platform is easy to use requiring users to register, share or select works in easy steps.

More information about InfographicAlley and submission of infographics can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

About InfographicAlley

InfographicAlley is the number 1 online infographic directory site that allows users to share and select infographics with ease. Headquartered in Lancashire, England, is one of the most sought-after sources of captivating infographics.

The platform is the only infographic networking site that organizes or offers a useable infographic searching feature to help users find the best infographic that meets their specific needs.

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