The Developers Behind Renowned BookBuddy App Release Major Update for ‘MovieBuddy’ App, Adding TV Show Support

Kimico Ltd., one of the leading developers of media library and management apps, introduces a major update to their MovieBuddy app, which has recently come out for the iOS.

Much like their previous apps that have aimed towards creating a media catalog that the user can access and share at any time, the MovieBuddy app provides assistance to people who want to expand and easily gain access to their movie and television show catalog at any time and place.

This powerful television show and movie management app is packed with a multitude of features, which ensures that users have a lot of options on how they wish to catalogue and arrange their television shows and movies. The programs can be catalogued as a complete series, a bundle of multiple seasons, single seasons or simply a select few episodes. The possibilities are endless – and right in the hands of the user.

TV shows are supported by MovieBuddy’s barcode scanner. Adding them to the library is as easy as pointing the iPhone’s camera towards the barcode. Information and details about the TV Show are immediately taken from the internet. This includes things such as trailer videos, directors, cast, producers, network and other such intricacies. Full list of episodes and number of seasons also become available.

Despite recently being released, the app has already seen some updates that improve it even further. Various improvements to its barcode scanning have been made and support for the app has been expanded to the recently released iPhone X.

MovieBuddy has been receiving a multitude of positive reviews from users who believe it to be one of the most accessible and easy to use TV-show / movie manager available. With its many features, and additional support and development, its effectiveness is certainly quite evident.

About MovieBuddy:

MovieBuddy is an iOS app created by Kimico Ltd. The app provides its users with a virtual library of television shows and movies that they can access and share at any time. The process is quite easy and streamlined, and can be done with a simple barcode scan. MovieBuddy’s system also provides the user with a lot of the information of the show such as trailers, cast members and other similar details.

It has received quite a few updates and improvements since its release and is expected to become one of the premier virtual library and media management apps used nowadays.

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