Peregrine Chairman Formally Becomes Befund Global Strategic Advisor

Recently, as the world first crypto currency fund service platform, Befund declares that Mr Beech, the Chairman & CEO of Peregrine Enterprises, Inc. joined the Befund team as a strategic adviser is excepted to accelerate the global layout of Befund.

Prengrine is a well-known U.S. consulting firm which is focus on technology, marketing services, and consumer goods business, global M&A, and strategic alliance, to provide consulting services for Procter & Gamble,  FedEx, General Electric, Chrysler and other global top 500 companies. Besides being the Chairman & CEO of Peregrine Enterprises Inc, Mr Beech is also the Chairman & CEO of Trivantis. Inc. Trivantis Inc is one of the leading global technology firms that markets eLearning, and other internet publishing and storage software. At the same time, Charles previously served as the president of Procter Gamble ‘s Maybelline company, contributing to Maybelline’s strategic planning and daily overall business.

Befund  COO  Chris said: “At this stage, on the one hand, many countries strongly encourage the research and development of the block chain project while strengthening the supervision of the investment and financing of crypto currency; on the other hand, based on blockchain, the decentralized crypto currency has become an irreversible wave. Nowadays, more than 2000 kinds of crypto currencies are intermingled, and the numbers are increasing day by day. How to make the crypto currency assets preserve and increase their values under the condition of relative low risk? Befund crypto currency fund will be the best choice. Befund positioned itself as the’ global crypto currency fund service platform’, thus to accelerate the globalization process is the one of the key tasks at present. Mr. Charles had more than 45 years of international business experience throughout more than 120 countries and regions in the world, with the richest experience in strategic consulting, who will play a key role in Befund global distribution plan as the Befund global strategic adviser.”

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