Gutter Maintenance Can Save Homeowners Thousands in Water Damage When Rains Come

“Gutter cleaning can save you a fortune in water damage repairs.”
San Diego is famous for gorgeous weather year round. But residents know to expect the occasional heavy rain. That’s when local runners complain that the squishy feel from wet shoes is enough to derail routine runs.

But for real aggravation, homeowners say nothing beats standing water from clogged gutters when it rains. The yard gets messy, basements flood and leaks damage walls and ceilings.

Why Clean Your Gutters?

The short answer is money. Clogged gutters lead to water damage in your home, garage and yard. Think hundreds of dollars, even thousands, for a ruined landscape design. And it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars if there is structural damage to your home or garage.

In heavy rains, water collects in a clogged gutter, overflows and spills over where it can harm your house and garage. An unchecked flow of water can work its way into your home’s foundation, siding, walls and ceilings. It can flood your landscape and kill off expensive plantings.

Clogged gutters also attract unwanted critters, like rodents and insects, even bee honeycombs. Mold can build up in gunk that collects.

A clean gutter system—the gutters and downspouts–channel runoff so it doesn’t lead to leaks and moisture damage. When it works correctly, the system channels water off the roof, away from the home and garage and landscaping.

Do It Yourself or Hire?

Experts recommend twice a year cleaning in the San Diego area to keep water flowing and your roof and home and garage safe. The best time is in the fall and spring so you can get rid of leaves, twigs and debris that collect. In addition to the gutters, you need to check the downspouts for obstructions.

You can do the job yourself if you are a do-it-yourselfer who can handle heights, has a stable ladder, and don’t mind the time and mess. But experts point out that gutter cleaning is dangerous for people without experience working high above the ground.

You can hire gutter-cleaning professionals for a reasonable price. Consider investing in a gutter screen or filter to prevent debris from collecting and clogging the gutter channel.

Emory Plumbing, Experts in Water Damage Repair 

What if the worst happens? If you’re dealing with moisture damage due to clogged gutters or other causes, call the experts at Emory Plumbing. Helping the local San Diego community since 1944, we have the experience to restore your home to pristine condition.

San Diego locals know that seasonal heavy rains can cause major trouble. Beyond water damage from clogged gutters, they have seen the havoc caused by floods, mudslides and storms. When the worst happens, they turn to Emory Plumbing for help.

Emory Plumbing is a certified damage restoration specialist. Our team of remediation technicians handles jobs, both big and small, with thoroughness and skill. Certified by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration, the industry leader, they have the know-how and equipment to remove damage and put your home back to its original shape.

The pros at Emory handle fire, flood and mold restoration, including:

  • Water damage
  • Carpet and structural drying
  • Mold removal
  • Earthquake safety

Call the expert team at Emory Plumbing today for a free, no-obligation quote for water damage restoration.

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