Bluon Energy To Release HVAC Support Mobile App

Mobile apps are a great way for businesses to provide comprehensive support to their clients, from anywhere with their smartphones or tablets. Bluon Energy plans to launch an industry-first mobile app next month, which will provide technicians with never before available technical support when replacing R-22 in existing HVAC systems.

McClellan, CA – Bluon Energy provides a revolutionary refrigerant for HVAC-R systems. As Global laws continue to phase out the sale of R-22 (Freon), it is becoming continuously costly run HVAC systems installed before 2010. Bluon Energy provides a solution with their TdX 20 refrigerant, also known as R-458A. The company also provides comprehensive support for the product and its installation process, thus enabling contractors and companies a viable option for upgrading their HVAC-R systems to a fully approved, energy efficient refrigerant. Their latest innovation in the industry is their mobile app, which gives technicians access to training and installation tools, along with a database of thousands of specific HVAC-R units, to make the replacement of R-22 much easier and less risky.

“Global regulations will see the end of R-22 importing by the end of 2019, with supply shortages virtually certain to show up in 2018” says Douglas Reinke, company CEO. “Because of this, R-22 replacements are quickly becoming a part of regular HVAC maintenance. Replacement refrigerants work differently in a variety of ways, including operating at different pressures and temperatures and at the very least the need to recalibrate to the correct Superheat and Subcool settings. Most replacements reduce cooling capacity and energy efficiency, leading to higher operating costs and negating the environmental benefits of replacing R-22 in the first place. Bluon’s TdX 20 is different. With Bluon, companies can save up to 25% on their HVAC electrical bills, while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. In order to make the conversion choice a simple one, we also offer training, tools, and guides for technicians that allow them to easily help companies make the switch to a better, more efficient refrigerant. We plan on launching our new mobile app in early April in order to make these powerful tools incredibly accessible for technicians in the field, when they need it most.”

Bluon Energy ( is leading the charge when it comes to creating more cost effective, greener refrigerant solutions. While global regulations are leading many to replace their R-22 equipment with R-410A equipment, this is extremely costly and simply not an option for most, especially considering their existing equipment still has ten or more years of operating life. Ironically, virtually all of other replacements are less cost effective than the original R-22. However, TdX 20 (R-458A) has been proven to save companies up to 25% on their energy bills by reducing HVAC-R energy consumption. Because Bluon offers their training to any contractors and technicians and backs it with high quality support from industry veterans and now their unique and powerful mobile app, it is easy for any HVAC contractor to begin offering R-22 replacement that is actually an upgrade at a reasonable price.

The mobile app from Bluon Energy ( is easy to use and provides [CP1] valuable information and tips from real technicians in the industry to aid users throughout the TdX 20 installation process. Technicians can use the app in a number of ways that best suit their needs. Through the installation tools section, users can search for HVAC equipment by model number to quickly find specific information for the system that they are working on and how best to change the refrigerant. Bluon’s industry veterans are adding new systems to the database every day – which now stands at nearly 4,000. Each piece of equipment in the system includes notes from experts and relevant unit details that help technicians troubleshoot common problems. There are also video walkthroughs and guides, handy charts, relevant best practices, and a superheat/subcool calculator; all designed to make the installation of TdX 20 as simple and cost effective as possible while ensuring maximum efficiency for the end-user.

Bluon Energy is located at 4601 Lang Avenue, A1 in McClellan, California (95652). The company can be reached by phone at (855) 425-8686.

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