Inspectors Find Mold Issues in Seattle Homes

Mold inspectors in the Seattle area consistently report mold issues in homes in the region. Seattle is notorious for its rainy, damp weather and it is therefore no surprise to experts that many residents of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest end up with mold in their houses.

Mold Solutions NW discovered mold in the homes of several Seattle residents. Sometimes there was even black mold inside of homes in the Seattle area. Black mold is especially worrying as it can be harmful to the health of adults, children and pets inside the home. The spores of black mold, when breathed in, can causes symptoms similar to the common cold or allergies. Black mold is not only an irritant, however. It can also cause damage to the foundations and walls of the home as it grows and eats away at the underlying structure of the building it has taken root in.

Mold inspectors such as the ones at Mold Solutions NW know how to find mold. Part of their expertise is in knowing the types of places where mold tends to grow, such as in basements and along window sills. Mold tends to take hold in these sorts of places within a home because they are dark and damp. Beyond that, they are also secluded. Mold can grow undetected and undisturbed in these sorts of locations, allowing it to spread vastly throughout the entire structure.

Mold inspectors do not only look at homes, however. In the Seattle area, all types of structures tend to be impacted by mold. That is why mold inspectors also canvas office buildings and businesses. Mold does not care about who occupies a building; it will try to find a way in no matter what.

Mold inspection is recommended by experts as the first step if someone in the Seattle area believes they may have mold growth in their home or business. Mold inspectors can assess whether there is a problem, the scale of the problem and the options available for remediation of the issue. This makes mold inspection a must-have for Seattle residents.

Mold Solutions NW are some of the leading experts in mold remediation in the Seattle area.

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