National Press Distributors Released an In-depth Report on Paring Knives

Hobanco was established in 2000 to improve the knife buying experience with quality knives at the best prices.

A recent National Press Distributors poll discovered broad confusion over paring knives in regard to what they are, what they’re used for and whether they are useful tools for the home kitchen.

The results of the poll indicated that many people aren’t sure whether or not they need a paring knife for their home kitchen cooking set. There is broad confusion over what paring knives are and what they are commonly used for.

Paring knives are small, precise kitchen knives that are meant for specific tasks within the kitchen. They are excellent for things like peeling and coring fruits and vegetables. Because paring knives are so small and agile, they can accomplish tasks like these with minimal waste. People like paring knives for cutting away the skin on a potato, for example, without losing very much of the edible potato beneath the skin. They are often used for things like deveining shrimp.

This makes paring knives an appropriate addition for most kitchen sets. People who do a lot of cooking at home or want to be able to do specific cooking techniques would do well to invest in a decent paring knife as part of their collection. Paring knives are often small, straight blades, but they can also be curved or serrated depending on the specific needs of the person buying the paring knife. Paring knives should always be very, very sharp, however, to ensure they can be used for their intended purpose of making fine, precise cuts in things like fruits and vegetables.

The best paring knives tend to be about three inches long, perhaps 3.5 inches. The grip on a paring knife is a very important factor in its overall quality. This is because of how precise a paring knife needs to be. The grip has to be reliable and comfortable so that the chef wielding the knife can make accurate cuts without worrying about any slipping or irritating grip.

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