World’s First Fertility Reality TV Show Inspired by China’s Second Child Policy, Top IVF Doctors in the World Help Chinese Make Babies at Home

31st Jan, 2018 – Borderless Healthcare Group launches “Fertility UFO Show” in China to support millions of couples facing fertility issues with the rise of maternal age.

The recent advent of China’s second child policy results in more than 90 million couples eligible for a second child and more than half of these mothers are greater than 40 years old. The problem of infertility is further exacerbated by a severe shortage of IVF specialists, very limited pre-IVF education and counselling options. Therefore, many patients have very little insight in understanding the pros and cons of IVF intervention and fertility enhancement options such as lifestyle optimisation etc. Infertility treatment subsidy similar to those in Singapore and Australia can be a very expensive option for China if it were to introduce to support its baby making policy further. IVF is currently an out of pocket treatment, not supported by the government’s medical benefits “yi bao”.

“It is pertinent for the Chinese couple aiming to have a baby to understand how lifestyle factors like nutrition, smoking, stress, sleep-wake cycle, exercise levels and emotional wellbeing can affect their fertility prospect. IVF can only put the sperm and egg together but the quality of the sperm and egg can have an impact on the success of the conception and the quality of the embryo!” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, creator of the fertility UFO show and chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group. Dr Wei is also the creator of Singapore’s highest rating late night TV show “Love Airways” supported by the Singapore’s Health Promotion Board and a reality TV show format “Dr Love’s Super Baby Making Show”!

The “Fertility UFO Show” is set on the background of a UFO from outer space returning to earth to gain an understanding of the factors leading to the dwindling birth rates of the human race. The show will feature the show host as a fertility investigator going into homes of couples in different parts of the world to collate grassroot causes of infertility such as lifestyle hazards, food quality, quality of intimacy, psychological stressors, cultural factors, availability of medical experts, treatment suitability etc. The first episode will be aired via major video hosting portals and selected licensed partners. This episode will visit the home of a 2.1m tall husband and a 1.6m wife in China who are trying for a second child. One episode will be launched each month.

The launch of this unprecedented fertility reality TV show will herald a new fertility eco-system in China. Technology player like Logitech, genetic company like Asia Genomics and hospitality partner like Banyan Tree Sanya, have all become partners of this show together with renowned IVF doctors in China and around the globe.

Fertility UFO Show – Episode 1

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