Rama Corporation Provides Solutions for Heating Issues

San Jacinto, CA – Rama Corporation, a company that is located in San Jacinto, California, is a recognized pioneer and developer of the latest electrical heating techniques. It started its operations in 1947 and it has been serving its clients for 71 years already. Throughout the decades, it has continuously innovated and invented new products that have been tested and proven to provide the best solutions for heating issues, big or small.

“Our clients come to us with their heating needs. We provide them with a cost-effective solution. We are known for our innovative approach and that makes us the most trusted heating element manufacturer in the area. We have partnered with aerospace, medical, dental, commercial, plastics, aviation, military, nuclear, electronic, and automotive industries,” reveals the company on its website.

Based on the company history, “it was established in 1950 and its first product was the Casted Integral Heater for Ice Detector.” In 1958, it started manufacturing for the General Dynamics of Terrier Missile Project. The 1960’s saw the company making the design for the Hot Runner System and in 1970 it manufactured the Hydrogen Recombiner for Nuclear Applications. The company ventured into the field of medicine in 1975. It designed and manufactured the artificial heart heater and in 1980 it developed a dental rebonding tool for braces. In 1990, it made the PVC heater blankets and the manufacturing of multicell heater followed in the year 2000.

In 2003, Rama Corporation put into production the heated tool assembly. Today, the company remains the leading manufacturer of the best heating products around the world. Its products include Band and Strip heaters, Cartridge heaters, Coil and Cable heaters, Flexible heaters, Immersion heaters, Multicell heaters, Specialty heaters, Tubular heaters, and PVC.

It specializes in custom heating assemblies, machine work, brazing plating operations, self-regulating heaters, on-site weld shop, and specialty testing. Among the industries that the company is servicing are distributors of plastic injection mold equipment and manufacturers of medical, aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment. The company has employees who are all experts in machine work. Rama Corporation can provide all of the heating needs of the different industries. The company takes pride in having the fastest delivery service.

For more information about the US made industrial heating elements, dial (800) 472-5670, visit the company office at 600 West Esplanade Ave, San Jacinto CA 92583, or send an email to sales@ramacorporation.com

Interested parties may also visit the company website at http://www.ramacorporation.com.

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Company Name: Rama Corporation
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Email: sales@ramacorporation.com
Phone: (800) 472-5670
Address:600 West Esplanade Ave
City: San Jacinto
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