New Devotional for Women, ‘Treasures in Secret Places,’ Addresses Racism, Sexism and Politics

A new devotional for women is going against the grain by addressing issues of unique concern for women of color.

ATLANTA, GA – Written by Jerrie Norris Brooks, Treasures in Secret Places: Reflections and Scripture Favorites from an African-American Woman’s Life is a new release that bridges the gap in the devotional niche by addressing both universal issues of faith and real issues that affect women of color, such as racism, sexism and politics. Written from a Christian perspective as informed by the author’s own experiences, the devotional features a collection of meditations and scripture passages produced from a combination of some of her journal reflections and an electronic file of her favorite scriptures.

Brooks is a retired administrator with a number of published works to her credit including a bio-critical study, training materials and book reviews; however, Treasures in Secret Places is her debut into the religious genre.

Questioned about the motivation for writing the book, she explained: “I wrote Treasures to witness to the fidelity of God. I’m a believer, and I find strength and comfort in my faith. I’m a woman of faith, but I’ve also known grief and fear in life too. I’m a believing woman of color, and I’ve known great joy, but I’ve also been angered, frustrated and hurt by abuse, disregard, and betrayal directed at those of us created female and born with a darker hue. But in all these things there has been one constant, God has never left me. I believe we can bring any issue before God, so I wrote a devotional that reflects the kind of joys, questions and concerns I face as a believing woman of color. I hope it will be a message of encouragement for all who read it but especially for women walking a path similar to my own.”

Treasures in Secret Places is a refreshing devotional: authentic, often poetic, and also comforting. It offers insight into faith issues and real life challenges faced by women, but from an often overlooked perspective. Each of the thirty-two topics opens with journal reflections and concludes with a selection of the author’s scripture favorites and an encouragement to readers to add their own. Brooks subtly invites readers on a journey, yet the book’s topical arrangement also gives them the option to dive into the book wherever they choose. Readers will find themselves engaged, encouraged and inspired.

Already, readers are weighing in on the impact of the book.  Charlene G. wrote: “This book has given me strength during a difficult season in my life by reminding me… how just relying on God’s word and promises can bring you so much comfort and relief. I have been able to start writing down my favorite scriptures and relying on them to carry me through rough times.”

Treasures in Secret Places is available in Kindle and paperback formats for a retail price of $7.99 and $12.98, respectively.

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