How This Millennial Revolutionized Social Media Marketing For Real Estate,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/507049821/original/attachment_180125040041.jpeg

By Focusing on Unique Content, Personalized Video, and Broker Recruitment with Inbound marketing.

Have you ever wondered why you’re losing clients to your competition right now? This is because you are using traditional, dated, and expensive methods of advertising; outbound marketing. This would include things such as TV ads, telemarketing, or mailers. Social media allows you to reach more of your target audience for a fraction of the cost. Maybe you’ve tried social media and it didn’t produce the results you were expecting. This could be for a couple reasons, usually using an untrained office assistant or because campaigns are poorly organized, lack of personalization, or have poor content.

Nowadays, individuals find solutions to all of their problems online which makes the primary question, “How can your potential customers find you instead of you finding them?” The answer, of course, lies with us at Our inbound marketing will help you get more leads, more customers, more sales, and increase recruitment too!

Our content marketing campaigns attract customers to your business by using search engine optimization and leveraging targeted paid traffic, which makes it easy for potential customers to find your content or services. This also makes potential agents want to be part of your team because the authority and assistance you have provided. When your content is shared on various social media platforms, it becomes more trusted, increases exposure and brings more customers’ to your site. The best way to do this is with a personalized video accompanied by relevant articles, as it receives up to 70% more engagement! Fun fact, did you know almost 75% of all traffic is generated through video?

At, we redesign and optimize your website to make it more responsive and user-friendly. Additionally, we create landing pages which are optimized to collect lead information and build a targeted e-mail list for each ad we create.

If you want your marketing to shine like a Lamborghini in a world full of Toyota Priuses, we are just a click away. You will receive a FREE complimentary 30-minute strategy session. We do this for less than the cost of a full-time marketing employee.

We don’t use ‘done-for-you’ campaigns that are simply duplicated from one business to another. We get to know you, your business, your business story and relay this to social media. We use this to create UNIQUE content such as articles and video, in addition to the targeted content in which leads the search for on the internet. This skyrocket leads, sales, and recruitment, up to 1200%. Because of this, we only work with 3-5 new clients per year as the time involved (travel, getting to know businesses, people, and their stories) is quite extensive.

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10% of the company’s profit will be donated towards homelessness, education, women’s rights, civil rights, and clean water.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/507049756/original/attachment_180125035957.jpeg



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