OwlTing Announces Innovative Blockchain Based Food Tracking Application, Opens New Office in the US

January 31, 2018 – Taiwanese company OwlTing has announced the launch of a new office in the United States, and the introduction of a new blockchain based product, OwlChain Provenance. OwlChain Provenance is an innovative product that uses blockchain technology to track a product’s lifecycle from its origin to the customer. The company’s initial push is focused on food products to promote food safety.

Founded in 2013 by Darren Wang, the OwlTing Group aims to re-invent consumer experiences with blockchain. OwlTing was initially launched as an e-commerce hub that allowed Taiwanese families to obtain safer products from local farmers. The company’s new product, OwlChain Provenance, will take the food industry into the future, by enabling the tracking of food products throughout their production lifecycle using blockchain.

OwlTing USA will use OwlTing’s existing blockchain infrastructure to create new business applications for the global food market. Catering to both large and small businesses, OwlChain Provenance enables manufacturers to electronically stream data directly into the blockchain, providing secure and auditable supply chain information to all stakeholders. This creates a highly transparent production cycle for business partners as well as customers.

Using OwlTing Provenance, a manufacturer, such as a vineyard will be able to demonstrate the quality of sourcing and efficiency of production from planting and harvesting to the “finished” bottle sold to customers, all using a customizable mobile interface. This new product is an effective marketing tool for organic, free trade and non-GMO companies seeking to provide in depth provenance information to discerning customers. OwlTing Provenance also promises to be of great value during events such as outbreak of foodborne illnesses.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding to know where their purchases come from and how they are made. That is why we have built our provenance system on blockchain technology, to showcase your product’s story from origin to purchase,” says Nick Ost, Director of Marketing for OwlTing USA.

OwlTing Provenance is expected to expand into many other areas, such as customer behavior analytics, AI-enabled promotions, and streamlining of regulatory audits. The product is currently undergoing testing with select U.S. partners, ranging from distilleries to agriculture, before official release in spring of 2018.

For more information, please visit: www.owltingusa.com

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