Three Items EVERY Homeowner MUST Have In Their Home,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/507049821/original/attachment_180125040041.jpeg

And One Bonus Item That Might Surprise You

One of the most beloved and key traits of a home is safety and security. A recent study at Rutgers University found that a home with some type of surveillance camera is 30-40% less likely to have a break in than a house with nothing at all? Home security cameras do work! For that reason, they are one item every homeowner MUST have!

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Safety doesn’t stop with surveillance though, does it?  Being a realtor at one point, it makes sense. However, what doesn’t make sense is the lack of a fire extinguisher to accompany those smoke alarms. I was astonished! Unfortunately, I also had a pretty terrible fire and we had to wait around for the fire department as our belongings burned to a crisp. Once the smoke, quite literally cleared, I thought to myself – if only we had a fire extinguisher, we could’ve saved yourself thousands. Then I wondered, where could I find a home fire extinguisher for sale. This is the second item EVERY homeowner needs for a safe and secure home.

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The third and final item for home security is smoke alarms. As I mentioned previously, I was at one point a realtor. While it was common for homes to have smoke alarms, it was also surprising how many homes that I had to buy or sell that didn’t have functioning smoke detectors or were lacking them all together! Carbon monoxide detectors are another one that is becoming more commonplace.

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A bonus item to have around the house is the new DJI Mavic Air drone camera, it’s one of the best drones we’ve had the pleasure of viewing. This is especially beneficial for adventurous types, and professionals, but it’s also a great item for young families. There are a surprising number of uses for drones, such as family selfies, capturing holiday photos and video, among much, much more. Currently, this camera drone is being pre-sold and you can buy drone here for the Fly More Bundle (recommended) for just the drone, which releases in late February at a very reasonable price of $799. I also recommend this drone for photographers, realtors, and other professionals who don’t need something to the level of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

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