Scholarship Strategist, Nancy Paul, Announces First ‘Find Scholarships Now’ Boot Camp

Nancy Paul, best-selling author, scholarship strategist, and founder of Three Wishes Scholarships, shares her proven system for finding money for college in her first ever Find Scholarships Now Boot Camp, Saturday, October 11.

Nancy Paul is a merit scholarship expert who believes that all families deserve to know all available ways to reduce the ever expanding costs of attending college. “Every family qualifies for merit aid; they just don’t think they do,” Paul says.

As a mom actively involved in her three daughter’s school activities, Paul was somewhat familiar with the term “merit” scholarship. Facing the financial burden of having three daughters in college at the same time, over an extended period of time, she decided to figure out if merit scholarships could work for her family.

What happened next started Paul on her mission to help families just like hers. Handed the short list of two scholarship resource sites by both high school and private college counselors, Paul quickly learned that it took hundreds of hours of digging into the details, researching more sites, and putting the many pieces of this ‘puzzle’ together in a process.

Together, her three daughters were awarded nearly $600,000 in merit scholarships from colleges and private sources — money that never has to be paid back. Paul’s private clients pay thousands for her to hand pick scholarships for them. She finds up to $200,000 in merit scholarship opportunities for each of her private clients.

Understanding the financial impact of growing college expenses and that finding money for college is a top priority for many parents, Paul created ‘Three Wishes Scholarships‘ and has now developed the Find Scholarships Now Boot Camp.

For the first time in virtual format, she will publicly share the exact process she used to find over $1,500,000 in merit scholarships for her own children and clients.

During the Find Scholarships Now Boot Camp, Paul will share with families her 6-step proven system, showing them how to find merit scholarships that fit their student. She will guide participants, answer questions, and help them move directly toward opportunities to slash college costs using the student’s achievements as the foundation.

Included in the program is a block of time focused on the aggressive pursuit of merit scholarships using Paul’s signature system for finding them, the opportunity for laser coaching, and identification of merit scholarships that fit the student — all by the end of the day.

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About Three Wishes Scholarships (TWS)

TWS is part of the solution to the problem of more families in America struggling to pay for college. TWS applies a step-by-step formula to save time, reduce stress, and find money for college, with a targeted list of current merit scholarships and other strategies to reduce college costs.

TWS partners with busy, goal-oriented families who are proactive about paying for college and recognize that merit scholarships offer a solution to the harsh economic reality that paying for college may be more challenging than being admitted. Their clients do not qualify for need-based aid but they want to be smart about paying for college. TWS simplifies the scholarship process and provides a customized approach based on the needs and goals of each family. Please visit for more information.

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