Silence about Bullying and Harassment must be a thing of the past

Breaking the silence is the first big hurdle in combatting workplace harassment. The time to speak up has come and social awareness is now pushing this action forward. A software company has added a voice to the workplace bullying and harassment battle.

QuizzPoint Corporation a specialty software developer of online (web and mobile accessible out of the box) tools that assist their clients with training, has added a valuable tool to their roster of product offerings that will assist organizations to protect their people and themselves with a tool that provides an additional channel for communication within organizations. It can provide an important advantage to help foster a positive work environment.

The negative effects of a toxic workplace are increasingly being understood. They impact organizations greatly in five different ways that organizations can easily be completely unaware of;

1)   reduced productivity

2)   poor employee retention

3)   organizational image and brand damage

4)   legal ramifications

5)   impact on the health of those exposed to harassment

Workplace harassment, bullying, isolation or sexual misconduct have begun to get the attention of workers and the public in general. Research is demonstrating that (depending upon geographic location) employees in surveys report having witnessed or being directly affected by harassment from a low of 28% (Career Builder) to a high of 40% (Globe & Mail) in North America. In Australia the number is even higher. A US consulting firm (Executive Confidante) reported recently that 42% of people they survey stated leaving a job strictly to get away from a bullying boss.

A simple fact goes unrealized by many organizations focused mostly on day-to-day operations, targets and quotas. That is: good people do not stay in a bad environment. Despite the advances in technology most companies can’t measure productivity variances with most workers, however turnover is right out in the open, yet is not traced to the root cause most times. Businesses are focused almost exclusively on… business; providing products and/or services.

Leading edge companies have learned the correlation between customer satisfaction and employee morale. These organizations are striving to be aware of the #EmployeeVoice, to build productive work environments and to respond to employee input and feedback.

Quizzpoint Corp’s product, theHelpPoint is a tool that assists organizations to listen and respond effectively and track the issues of their human capital, in real time. It empowers responders with live input and a report to manage information.

theHelpPoint, provides privacy allowing the user to send messages to management at a time and place of their choosing and enables the organization to receive the input instantly. Features include private chat area, auto forwarding, auto response, policy referencing, anonymity functions, live reports and full data management for the administrators.

A Managing Partner of QuizzPoint Corporation, Paul Anthony Bernard, is taking things one step further, speaking before clients and organizations to help start the conversation and break the silence that still hangs in the air of some workplaces. With a background in entertainment, Paul brings a self-deprecating style that helps break the ice with brevity and wit. ‘Is it me, or is it too quiet in here!’ is one of his presentations.

QuizzPoint Corporation has a Community Support program in addition to its commercial structure to assist non-profit, charitable and association with budgetary constraints to support their communities. Big or small, QPC can assist organizations break the silence.

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