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October 9, 2014. California, USA   Waves are coming to Kickstarter, but don’t worry! Far from a tsunami, these waves are designed to be gentle and helpful. Let the latest in technological sound and light tame your busy world leaving and let you focus.

From the 1980’s and Atari’s early days to cutting-edge innovations, developer Frank Cohen has remained an integral part of design-led tech. industry. He recognized a need to bring some Zen back into busy lives with his newest creation Waves.  

Thin diffusion filters sit on top of the beautifully colored and animating lights. For special occasions like weddings and corporate banquets, multiple Waves can “talk” to each other and are easily positioned on tables throughout the venue for a truly unique ambience. Use your Waves to soothe your mind after a busy day, or to stimulate creative energy. As adaptable as they are easy to use, just position a Wave beside your bed, on your desk or even as a floating shelf on the wall. Use it to meditate, or just unwind with friends. 

Using Patent-pending technology “Waves” lets you visualize your music. With the built in Bluetooth speaker, it can make unique sound and light shows.  It also dials back the ‘noise’ and brings calm to your life with guided hypnosis through light. With a Kickstarter campaign goal of just $10,000, inventor Frank Cohen brings the potential for a whole new way to experience sound and light. Be part of the WAVE and enjoy visualizing your music experiences at home.

So, how does it work? Using plug and play technology this unique sound and light device can actually ‘visualize’ your music. Just plug it in, and enjoy the instant light and sound show. Each Wave comes with 30 minutes or more of pre-programmed light and sound shows. If you purchase a second Wave they can ‘talk’ to one another with no wires.  It’s perfect for weddings or corporate functions. Note that Waves will require a Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, iPad, and Android phone and tablet and free app to program shows

Make your evenings less stressful and special occasions more memorable. The WAVE device fits into any space – large or small. Perfect for small apartments and private functions, it can sit gracefully on a dining table or hang from the wall. Another huge advantage of the WAVES? It tames the annoying ‘bing’ and constant interruptions from your computer and other electronic devices.  Let the buzz, dings and notifications from social media updates (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.) come to you via a subtle change in light instead. You still get the notification – but it isn’t jarring. Stay focused while staying on top of what’s important. Regain control over social media interruptions. Your Wave’s connections to these social sites mean the light and sound shows change depending on what is happening in your social media life.  This technology helps you to get back to what matters most – whether it’s finishing that big presentation or just a night off.   

Have a creative flair? The filters are easy to modify and if you make a mistake, replacements are not expensive. Just use an ordinary pair of scissors to cut the diffusion filters into any shape you like – unleash your creativity. Develop your own unique brand or vibe and then let the special sound and light show play for all. The Waves Kickstarter campaign is loaded with perks starting at very low price points.  Donations start at just a buck so anyone can get involved.  For special events and occasions choose the EVENT SET Kickstarter reward. It comes with 25 Waves plus a set of 25 filters, including two Abstract Diffusion Filter sets, and one (1) each of Mermaid Filter, Pirate Filter, and Fairy Filter sets as seen in the Kickstarter video. Delivery is planned for this December – making it the perfect way to light your holiday season or give the gift of light and sound to a loved one.  Pledge $15 or more and get your very own four piece WAVE DIFFUSION filter set.  

Easy to cut and customize even for the non-artsy types. Simply cut the diffuser with ordinary kitchen scissors to whatever shape and size you like.  Make a boat, an owl, or a unique abstract works of art for the light to play from. Campaign pledges of $199 or more receive one (1) Wave plus a set of five (5) filters, including two (2) Abstract Diffusion Filter sets, and one (1) each of Mermaid Filter, Pirate Filter, Fairy Filter sets (as seen in the Kickstarter video). Each ‘wave’ is hand signed by the design team and come hand numbered for authenticity and certified original product.

All purchases come with access to the Waves Community so that you can make, share and enjoy discovering new shows. The Wave comes with 110VAC or 220VAC power adaptor so it’s as global as you are. Shipping in the US is included. Outside the US is also available for an extra $5.  

Check out the cool video and read more about the innovation and technology behind the concept. Even if you can’t donate, share the links widely with everyone in your network.

Waves Kickstarter campaign

Check out the blog on the design and the technology behind Waves at: http://votsh.com/pre.votsh.com/blog

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