Hoj Innovations Evaluation Leads to Process Improvements Reducing Labor Costs

HOJ Innovations, the parent company to WarehouseOS, conducts a thorough evaluation process of how labor is utilized to receive and ship product and has found in hundreds of e-commerce operations. According to Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, reducing warehouse labor costs is often a matter of small adjustments and process improvements to existing operations. Continuous process improvement reduces warehouse labor costs while achieving enhanced productivity goals, increased production, and a significant reduction in warehouse operation expenses.

Instead of adding more warehouse labor, increase picking efficiency by 100 percent, reduce errors, speed up returns, and reduce training times to fifteen minutes or less. More labor is not the answer. Less labor is the solution with tools that allow existing warehouse labor to be maximally productive.

Hoj Innovations walks through customers’ warehouses (a Gemba walk part of a kaizen event) from one end of the facility to the other. Observing the operation with “fresh eyes” (and fifty years of warehousing experience) allows some of the “obvious” opportunities for improvement to be revealed quickly.

By diagramming existing (and potentially new or revised) processes a documented walk and inspection assessment allows a thorough evaluation for keeping labor cost under control. 3PLs, warehouses, and distribution centers, often ask Hoj Innovations to return twice a year to conduct warehouse evaluations.

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About Hoj Engineering & Sales Co. Inc.:

Hoj Engineering, based in Utah, with clients throughout the United States, are a leader in warehouse distribution consulting and material handling solutions. Hoj (pronounce Hoy) opened their doors more than fifty years ago as an engineering-driven family business with a mission to change the industry. Today Hoj Engineering & Sales Company operates with 150 employees and over 50 service vehicles.

Tim Hoj, CEO of the company, shared that all at the firm are passionate for providing the most rigorous and creative design solutions, backed up by exceptional customer service and friendly, caring people. Hoj Engineering’s goal is to extend the boundaries of modern material handling and logistics, one customer at a time.

Hoj Engineering specializes in internal logistic design, space utilization, productivity and process improvement studies, and app driven inventory management solutions.  The company provides support to the distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing industries throughout the United States. Some of their satisfied customers include Sparkle in Pink, Pitman Creek Wholesale, Backcountry.com, and CampSaver.com.

Contact Hoj Engineering at http://www.hoj.net/contact-us/

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