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Valentine’s Day originated in ancient Rome and started gaining wide popularity from the 14th century in Europe. So what is the European tradition of Valentine’s Day? It’s what going to introduce.

February 14 is St Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. This romantic day originated in ancient Rome and started gaining wide popularity from the 14th century in Europe. People take advantage of this special day to chant about romance and lovers use a variety of acts to express their love for each other. So what is the European tradition of Valentine’s Day?

Italy: As the country of origin of Valentine’s Day, Italians used to gather on Valentine’s Day to read love poems, listen to romantic music and have a stroll with their beloved. Now, they like to have romantic dinners and exchange gifts with their sweethearts. Chocolate is also an essential part of Valentine’s Day. They believe the bigger the chocolate, the stronger the love is between two people.

Denmark: Although Valentine’s Day is not a traditional festival in Denmark, people also have special events on this day. Lovers give each other “lover’s cards,” which are also called “snowdrops.” They are used to convey admiration and love. Men also give women a “joking letter”, which consists of a funny poem or rhyme written on intricately cut paper and signed with anonymous dots. If the woman can correctly guess who the sender is, she earns herself an Easter egg later that year.

Wales: In fact, Valentine’s Day in Wales is not on February 14, but on the annual Saint Dwynwen Day on January 25. This day is also used as a day to celebrate love and convey love. Welsh men hand-make wooden spoons for their sweethearts, and different marks on wooden spoons also have unique meanings. Some examples include horseshoes, which stand for good luck; wheels, which symbolize support; and keys, which symbolize the keys to a man’s heart.

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