Viruslike Nanoparticles Production Service Has Been Launched in Creative Biostructure

February 12th, 2018, Creative Biostructure launched a new technique – VLNP service. As a leading supplier and manufacturer in the science of structure biology, Creative Biostructure is always in the faith of offering high-quality products and services for customers. This new technique is a symbol of this belief.

“Our scientists nearly spent six months in testing our VLNP service  in order to guarantee the use of this platform. So we can say that this service will serve well in the drug delivery and molecular imaging field. The viruslike nanoparticles is an emerging tool for targeted cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. We do believe it will be popular among scientists,” said Dr. Darren, senior scientist in Creative Biostructure.

It is known that the term ‘vlnps’ is referring to the noninfectious protein shells or capsids, which are comprised of virus-derived structural proteins and useful in nanotechnology. VLNPs, which are derived from productive infections, can be reassembled and disassembled in vitro. Additionally, it allows isolation from the infectious nucleic acid component. According to many studies, VLNPs have shown the great potential in overcoming the many challenges encountered for targeted delivery of therapeutic cargo as a highly effective delivery vehicles.

Structural biology, as a fundamental aspect of physical virology and the development VLNP-based technologies, has been associated with the biomolecular engineering of virus capasids for a long time. VLNPs, a new technique in structural biology, has many outstanding advantages:

  • Being produced by using cell-free protein synthesis
  • Loading small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids
  • Being stabilized with disulfide bonds
  • Incorporating non-natural amino acids for ease of surface functionalization through the “click” reaction
  • Being functionalized to display antibody fragments for specific cellular targeting
  • Being functionalized to display PEG to avoid the immune system (not shown for HBVc VLNPs)
  • Being disassemble in the reducing conditions of the cytosol to release their cargo

Creative Biostructure, equipped with many advanced techniques, can meet its customers’ demands and wishes. The Viruslike Nanoparticles service with the combination of membrane protein expression and vlp construction services offered by Creative Biostructure can be used smoothly in its application fields. 

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