Addiction Recovery for Teens in Canada

Recovery from substance abuse and treatment of associated mental health problems

The time when “Just Say No” was an effective deterrent for teens offered drugs is in the past. More and more over the counter medications have warnings about the possibility of abuse by teenagers. Parents may have a hard time keeping up with potentially hazardous things around the house because teens are experimenting more and more. Many signs and symptoms of drug abuse look a lot like typical hormonal teen angst which makes it even harder.

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab knows that in teens, the signs of drug abuse can easily be blurred by hormones and growing pains. A quick visit to the center’s website will show you that addressing the issue now is far better than waiting. The long-term damage brought on by drug use will affect your teen for the rest of their lives. It could cause doctors to miss potentially life-threatening mental health issues or organ damage.

Teens are getting prescription drugs from family and friends, often times without anyone noticing. By incorporating family into the therapy process, the biggest fear of not being forgiven can be addressed immediately. Active addiction can mimic bipolar disorder or depression with the most lethal outcome being the taking of one’s life. Teenagers are not prepared for the back and forth of shame and the desire to get help. The brain is not fully developed until twenty-five years of age so the sooner addiction is stopped the better.

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab knows that as hard as it is for the teens that come through the door, the parents are struggling too. No parent wants to see a child suffer. It can be difficult to admit that there were signs that could have been caught sooner. Parents can feel guilty as much as a teen who wants to get help. The center’s website can offer insight into the methods used to intervene in active addiction and the process upon admittance.

Teens have the uncanny ability to resist any help offered. The professionals at the facility are trained to be understanding, yet in control, in difficult situations. The withdrawal symptoms from any substance are difficult for people of all ages. There is a medical team available to make the detox as comfortable as possible. This is the most difficult part for parents to see. Your teen will be safe. Words may be said at this time that are difficult to hear. There are family counselors to get you through this together and remind you that it is the addiction saying these things.

About 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab is a center dedicated to bringing relief from the suffering of addiction and mental health problems related to it. The belief that family is vital to continued recovery is firm. The facility is private and discreet. Your children are precious to and will be handled with care. If you suspect that your teen may have a drug problem, contact us today. It is never too late to get them back on track.

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