Safe Indoor Play Area with Amenities For Parents, Parties and Work Events

Discounted Rates on Packages at Lumina Land if You Book in February

When your child ages up, it can produce mixed feelings. The joy that comes from having successfully kept your child alive is tangled up with the realization that he is growing up. All parents want their children to have great birthday parties. Not all parents are great at decorating, invitations, or knowing how to accommodate kids of different ages. Boredom can lead to devastation and despair in older kids while not being childproofed enough can expose babies to danger. It is a lot to worry about while still enjoying the day.

Lumina Land has a solution for this. Several in fact. There are packages that include all of the fixings minus the cake and maybe some soda. If you visit the website you can see all of the packages and prices. If you book a package through the month of February there is a 15% discount. With the party packages, the birthday boy or girl will also get day passes for the main attraction that is Lumina Land, the indoor park. The birthday party will be held in one or both rooms, but kids can come for the day during the week. Rainy day relief for the win!

These packages offer something really unique to kid venues and that is an adult banquet hall. If you are hosting a corporate event, baby shower, or a bridal shower the banquet room allows an adult atmosphere while the kids can play safely next door. Adult supervision is required, but why not pool your resources to hire one or two babysitters as opposed to everyone have to get one? Let your inner child play while your child has a blast.

Lumina Land has not forgotten parents in any of their plans. While your children play for a birthday party or any other day, you can enjoy free WIFI, massage chairs, and a low key area to work or just scroll Facebook. For a full list of amenities visit Lumina Land’s website. There is fun for all ages so if you have a five-year-old and a two-year-old, both will have fun and safe activities for their age range.

Socialization is great for your kids and relaxation is great for you. Get all of the benefits of the park and more without the headache of outdoor worries. Your child cannot leave without you and the padded ground beneath the playscapes protect them from a fall. It really is the safest way to go to the park. There are learning activities as well as the jungle gyms to get full body and mind exercise.

About Lumina Land

Luminal Land was created by parents, for parents. Children being socialized was the driving force behind the creation, but the comfort of parents was also a concern. If you want to inquire about our packages you may visit our website, schedule a consultation appointment, or simply contact us via telephone. The services provided and not provided are clearly noted in the package description and add-ons are listed as well.

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