Warehousing and Distribution Services throughout North America

A full 3PL Service to Bring it, Store it, & Pick and Deliver it

Roadlinx trailers, trucks, mobile warehouse, as well as intermodal containers that permit domestic and international shipping quickly and cost-effective throughout North America. Roadlinx offers a complete shipping service from Canada to the USA using flatbed, dry van and storage trailers.

Looking for a simple pick-up and delivery from “point A to point B” or is it something more complex, with several steps involved between loading and delivery? Whether you have a less than truckload (LTL) or a full truck load (FTL), Roadlinx is proud to deliver it for you, with quality customer service and still takes the time to wish everyone a Happy Flag Day Greetingsas this special holiday arrives during this time of year.

Roadlinx trucks have a temperature controlled setting which makes it easy to deliver food, beverages and even certain plant life to its destination much more effectively, maintaining all the contents at the healthy temperature that is required to keep it fresh. Even a delivery of wine or fresh produce can be delivered and not be frozen or wilted upon arriving at its destination, because the trailer was too cold (or not cold enough) during transport.

Roadlinx dry van shipping is perfect for shipments, such as clothing, non-perishable food items, or building materials. These dry van trailers are best for shipping items that are on pallets which makes the loading and unloading much more efficient. With Roadlinx dry van shipping there is less chance that your shipment will be lost or stolen due to a security protection plan and study construction to protect your products against theft and damage. As an added bonus, Roadlinx trucks have plenty of room in each trailer, with enough space for 45,000 pounds or 26 pallets of product!

Roadlinx intermodal shipping allows your products to be shipped by air, land, or sea transport; by having items encased in a sturdy container which allows your product to be able to withstand even the most rigorous of shipping conditions.

Roadlinx has storage trailer containers which enable the safe storage of your products; enabling your item’s safety and security. Roadlinx will help you move your items to a new location or if you prefer you can keep them stored at the Roadlinx secured lot.

About Roadlinx Inc.

Roadlinx is pleased to serve the Toronto area with all their shipping, transportation, and storage needs. The Roadlinx advantage has been established by being one of the top trucking companies; offering cost-effective, safe, and reliable transportation and intermodal services to Canada and the United States. Roadlinx is much more than just a transport provider for Toronto; by ensuring to hire the best brokers, drivers, and technicians, Roadlinx is able to effectively serve Canada with transportation services that customers can rely on in even the most difficult of conditions.

Once again, Roadlinx wants to with everyone a Season’s Greetings for a Happy Flag Day. Give Roadlinx a call or email and inquire how your shipping and storage needs can be met. A friend agent will assist you in giving you a quote or any other information you may require about the services provided.

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