Introducing new line of Dual Color LED’s Surface Mount Lights

Extreme Tactical Dynamics (ETD) have recently announced the release of their new Dual color LED’s surface mount lights. The new series of Dual color LED surface mount lights allow users to select the same color or alternating colors with the flip of a switch, using slim, but heavy-duty housings of aluminum and polycarbonate lens to protect the GEN IV 3 Watt LEDs.

This innovative light design is unique in allowing the full length of the light to flash in two different colors, rather than splitting the colors between the two halves of the light. Emergency vehicle light colors, Signature series dual color grille and surface mount LED lights are pre-programmed with 26 strobe patterns and memory, and wire easily into your new, or existing emergency vehicle light setup.

There are options available for first responders and police officers, including the revolutionary interactive BLAZE CORE™ Technology in the Blaze LED Visor Light Bar. This exciting new technology gives you three high intensity lights in the space of One. Generation IV, 3-Watt emergency LEDs have been reconfigured in order to create a light force that shines brighter, farther and wider through TIR lenses. This new Dual Color LED Technology offered by ETD allows the light to go from the split or solid emergency vehicle light color of your choice, to a full takedown with bright white LEDS, helping illuminate the entire situation in front of you in a matter of seconds.

The new line of Dual Color LED’s are tough and weather resistant, offering pristine illumination for safer handling of night-time emergencies and traffic. The unique design offers a flush fit to any vehicle’s grille or surface. Extreme Tactical Dynamics offer:

  • Dual color surface mounts
  • Dual color traffic advisors
  • Dual color visor lights

Get Dual Color LED Surface Mount and Grille Lights at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

The team at Extreme Tactical Dynamics are proud to offer innovative dual color LED surface mount and grille lights. This is the very best technology on the market, and each product is thoroughly quality tested before shipping, with an extended warranty on both LEDs and components offered.

Use the contact details below for more information on the highest quality illumination with ETD:

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Company Name: Extreme Tactical Dynamics
Contact Person: Chris Dallmann
Phone: 888-893-3308
Country: United States