Coinvet is Now Live: Crowdsourced Hiring Now Available

Employee and Employer Hunt Less Costly with Innovative New Gig Economy Model

Coinvet is revolutionizing the jobs market.  While traditional employment service fees can be astronomical, the crowdsourced hiring site offers reasonable pricing and gig economy incentives as well.  Coinvet can be used to hire both employees and contractors, and recommenders can earn bitcoin.

“We are thrilled to announce that Coinvet crowdsourced hiring is now in full swing,” stated a Coinvet representative.  “The people have spoken.  Both employees and contractors can hook up with employment or gigs and it is very inexpensive and with much better results than headhunter or marketplace algorithms.  Our new service is powered by Bitcoin incentives that can be earned, coupled with the wisdom of the people.  It’s a new age and we are pleased to be playing a role in introducing a more efficient jobs market.”

Coinvet is a revolutionary new way to hook employers and employees up without the exorbitant price that is usually associated with doing so.  An employer posts a job or gig and sets out a bounty which is an incentive for the community to assist in helping fill the position.  Individuals apply for the job and then the crowd is able to help choose the best candidate by including a vouch payment.  If the individual is chosen for the job and meets performance criteria, the community member receives a reward in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.  Sometimes the reward is split by more than one.  A 20% fee is charged on bounties – Coinvet charges absolutely no other fees or commissions.

The concept of Coinvet is rocking computer savvy job seekers and employers alike.  The opportunity for the community to play a part is a fun feature that is turning heads too.  The program is unique in that employers are able to employ the help of the crowd in order to both broaden the pool of candidates and narrow their choices down and pick the perfect professional candidate for the position.  Complete control of the hiring is in the employer’s hands regardless of the assistance available through the community.

Coinvet was founded by Neil Sandhu, a computer programmer and graduate of both the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia School of Law.  The crowdsource hiring platform is based out of Washington, DC.

To find out more about Coinvet, to check into being hired or to hire through the crowdsourced hiring marketplace, or to inquire about the opportunity to earn bitcoin, visit the website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Coinvet
Contact Person: Neil Sandhu
Phone: 833-264-6838
Country: United States