Two Inventions from Soocen: the latest garbage disposal system and used cooking oil disposal machine

New York – 14th February, 2018 – 

Two different creations from the same company, which was developed to make your kitchen garbage disposal  simple and smart. Soocen ( presents its latest garbage disposal system and used cooking oil disposal machine.

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The integrated kitchen garbage disposal machine aims to dispose of used cooking oil (fat, oil, grease) to detergent, food waste to organic fertilizer, wastewater to standard discharge of water via biological decomposition method.

This is actually an eco-friendly and effective way of disposing of the food waste that goes in your food waste disposal unit and knowing that you can convert your leftovers and other food wastes into a highly organic product is simply amazing. Your kitchen garden will actually thank you! Food waste recycling is the way to go and incorporating our Kitchen Garbage Integrated Processor is the best bet where restaurants, cafes, slaughterhouses and food plants, among other facility and home wastes are concerned. The fact is that these by-products not only pollute the water and air as well as land; they also incur immense costs where the following is concerned:

  • Handling
  • Trans-shipment fee
  • Local storage being taken up
  • Illegal activities characterized by feeding pigs with garbage

There is also a menace of mixing oil waste that some greedy people are notorious in, which is harmful to human health. The government is cracking down on it at all levels but having the Kitchen Garbage Integrated Processor as your kitchen aid garbage disposal is ideal in dealing with organic fertilizer, waste to detergent and in addition to that, the standard discharge of water. One amazing factor about the kitchen garbage integrated processor is the fact that it cannot be compared to any other mainly because its size and efficiency is just perfect. It can also dispose of used cooking oil unlike traditional disposal units available on the market that cannot. Most traditional waste disposal units usually require a longer time to compost and in addition to that, they are very expensive yet limited as to what they can do. With traditional ones, a big area is required for the unit to be able to function properly and efficiently and while at it, you will see that they are not equipped to dispose of used cooking oil!

The good news is that the Kitchen Garbage Integrated Processor are customizable based on your particular needs. Small restaurants can get smaller ones, medium sized restaurant medium-sized ones and food plants the larger ones. What makes them the best garbage disposal units is the fact that they are efficient, don’t consume a lot of power, and protect the environment.

Decide to get one for yourself today and you will be glad that you did!

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Used cooking oil can be put to better uses than just pouring it down the drain, which often results in clogged drains. Some people leave the oil in a container for the purposes of disposing of it in a recycling bin and, where that option is not available; some throw it out with the trash or into the yard or simply pour it down their kitchen sinks.

Cooking oil recycling is properly done with the Detergent Denerator-commercial, which is equipment that will help you turn used cooking oil to detergent. It is unfortunate that greedy executives resort to illegally processing used oils then putting them back on the consumer’s tables, which ultimately jeopardizes their health. So to ensure that the waste oil produced in hotels, by the family, in slaughterhouses and food plants does not go to waste or is not used illegally, consider the Detergent Denerator-commercial; a tool responsible for turning your waste oil into ground detergent, which is then reusable for cleaning sites.

You will see that the Soocen Detergent Denerator is the first of its kind where disposing of used cooking oil using a biological decomposition method is concerned. It has been designed using the latest technology for providing a quality and efficient appliance to the customer.

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One amazing thing about it is that waste oil is quickly turned to detergent on-site and in addition to that, it’s easy to operate! You simply pour the waste oil into the machine’s entrance, after which you then close the lid. The next step is pushing the start button and you are good to go! The whole process usually takes about 60 minutes and the result will be a concentrated detergent released from the outlet for use! It’s as simple as that!

Save the environment today by getting the Soocen  Detergent Denerator today and you will be glad that you did!

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About Soocen

Involved in environmental protection industry for many years. It has published more than ten professional papers in journals with authority and is rich in experience. The company has independently developed several food waste and garbage disposal equipment, a total of eleven national patent technology, four of them are invention patents.

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