Canada’s Premiere Clinic Specializing In Treatments To Break The Chains Of Disabilities

Greetings to our fellow Canadians as we celebrate Flag Day on Thursday February 18, 2018. Gathering together to celebrate this day in history when our beautiful country adopted the symbol of who we were and our today. Wear those flag pins with pride and watch our city display its flag in businesses and homes.

Therapy Spot is a premier location for people suffering from an array of disabilities. The trained therapists and staff are all dedicated to making their clinic a place of healing and hope for families who struggle daily to live with these disabilities. Services offered are backed up with diagnostic analyses and time proven techniques. The CEO and directors are always on top of the latest improvements of their field by constantly researching and testing techniques.

Services offered to families and individuals are immense at Therapy Spot. The focus on helping those with autism has expanded over time. Therapy Spot offers a GABA school for autistic patients. The GABA school gives patients one hour of one on speech therapy. The clinic also offers vocational training for young adults with autism. Social skills groups for all ages are executed as well. Through daily data tracking Therapy Spot always stays on top of their game.

Therapy Spot is not just for those suffering with autism. Those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or strokes receive the best of care with highly trained therapists. Therapy Spot offers 17 years of experience in this field. Cognitive, speech, and swallowing therapies are all in place. Language and learning difficulties are analyzed and treatment plans developed here. Voice disorders and singing programs are available. Therapy Spot even has programs in place to help with corporate communication and accent reduction.

Begin the journey to healing by contacting Therapy Spot and schedule an appointment. There are only three steps to get on the road to healing. Once the assessment is completed, analysis will be done and treatment begins. Helping families are what Therapy Spot is all about.

Therapy Spot was built on the vision of Simone Friedman had in the late 1990’s. In 2012, the perfect spot was found to start a clinic for those with cognitive, behavioral, and learning disabilities. Since beginning the clinic there has been much success in the therapies offered and they have the data to prove it. From daily tracking data they Therapy Spot has become a go to place for the latest techniques. Therapy Spot CEO and therapists have contributed to the writing guidelines for the Mild Traumatic Brain injury. On behalf of the Ontario Speech Language Association on guidelines were written on the definition of Catastrophic Impairment definition.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Therapy Spot
Contact Person: Simone Friedman
Phone: 416-546-3044
Address:1232 Dufferin St
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M6H 4C3
Country: Canada