The Thai KCP and ENSA foundation’s new product – The Energy-Conservation Chain

At the beginning of February 2018, the ENSA angel wheel subscription, which was hosted by Thailand’s KCP Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. and Thailand’s ENSA foundation ended perfectly. It was reported that the Thai Energy-Conservation Chain council will open a new round of subscriptions in early March. On the other hand, starting from March, the Energy-Conservation Chain will become one of the world’s biggest trading platforms.


2017 is the first year featuring blockchain and cryptocurrencies, despite several fluctuations around the middle, for the entire blockchain industry, the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies in 2017 became the highlight for the “Year of Blockchain”. 2018 has arrived and the practical application of blockchain technology in such aspects such as finance, agriculture and new energy resources will be the more important points to focus on. Blockchain will also be applied in more fields than we previously expected in the future.

The great hit that blockchain technology has become in China has also attracted the attention of foreign markets. Recently, Thailand’s ENSA Energy-Conservation Chain based on blockchain technology entered the Chinese market for open subscription. This will bring new energy to the popular China blockchain market, and will also provide a practical opportunity for the domestic market to invest in the blockchain related chain. The arrival of the ENSA Energy-Conservation Chain in Thailand will undoubtedly bring the experience of combining theory and practice to Chinese people who are concerned about blockchain technology.


Thailand ENSA energy-conservation chain is developed based on the purpose of energy conservation. With the depletion of the earth’s energy, energy conservation has become a current trend, and energy-conservation chains can bring new possibilities for the project and additional breakthroughs. The project was led by KCP Energy Conservation co., a well-known Thai company, and was initiated by the ENSA foundation, an energy-conservation chain in Thailand. The foundation has assembled a total of 250 million RMB for the development and promotion of energy-conservation chains, including Thai Smile Airways and the Solomon Consulate. The capital injection from many institutions not only brings the start-up and operation funds to the Energy-Conservation Chain, but also brings strong institutional endorsement to the application of blockchain technology into the energy saving field, and ensures the safety and reliability of the ENSA Energy-Conservation Chain.

The ENSA Energy-Conservation Chain is a commercial public chain based on the energy industry, which also conforms to the principle of energy conservation in the design of Energy-Conservation Chain ecology. The use of specific target calculation for mining can ensure that all energy consumption can bring commercial or public value. The Energy-Conservation Chain is a technology combining blockchain with energy saving. With the help of the technical features such as centralization and databases distributed by blockchain, the ECC technology can surpass the limitations of traditional technology. As a new application in the blockchain field, the Energy-Conservation Chain makes energy conservation more developed, safer and more easily understood.

ENSA will get the attention of the world, not only because of the brand guarantee from several authoritative institutions, but also a professional guarantee from the research team. The team members include experts from China, Thailand, Europe, the United States and India. Not only do they have many years of practical experience in the research and development of blockchain technology, but they also have rich experience and deep understanding in the field of software development, energy investment and electricity, and can mobilize the resources of all parties to their greatest extents. All of these factors have played roles in the protection of the development and application of Energy-Conservation Chains.

Please follow the official website of the ENS energy-conservation chain or contact us on WeChat: Gresthone / 1552198703 for more information.

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