Grace Union Launches the Innovative PowerLounge on Indiegogo

The PowerLounge serves as a music and home devices controlling gadget, bluetooth speaker, wireless charger and phone stand.

Hong Kong based Grace Union technology Ltd., the premier provider of innovative and exciting mobile solutions has recently launched the PowerLounge Alexa Speaker with Wireless Charger for users looking for efficient as well as reliable devices. The device has been launched on Indiegogo, the highly popular crowdfunding marketplace for promoting unconventional and unique products.

Sharing more information about the device, a company spokesperson reiterated, “At Grace Union Technology, we’re committed to designing unique and exciting range of products for users from all walks of life. The PowerLounge Alexa Speaker has been designed to offer multiple solutions to users. The device features an in-built support for Amazon Alexa and also functions as a charger and bluetooth speaker. The product has been designed to offer great deal of comfort and allows its users to watch their favourite videos, listen to their choice of music and also control their homes in just a couple of clicks.” 

It must be noted that the PowerLounge Alexa Speaker enables its users to exercise complete control over their devices as well as home using their voice. The device is packed with an in-built Alexa Speaker, similar to Alexa Echo, which further allows the users to control music using their voice. The voice control feature also enables the users to play and enjoy their favourite tracks and songs on Amazon Music or simply request for a specific mood as well as genre. Additionally, Alexa Speaker also offers the voice controlling option for Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

The Power Lounge Alexa Speaker also enables its users to use the voice control feature for controlling their home. With this feature users can turn off/on the fan, switch on the lamp and perform a host of other tasks using their voice. The device is excellent for controlling a range of home devices like switches, lights, thermostats, switches and other gadgets.

In addition to this, the Power Lounge also functions as a wireless charger and charges up to fifty five percent and Samsung gadgets up to seventy five percent faster in only 30 minutes. The charger can be conveniently used for charging many devices such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and 8 Plus as well as Samsung mobile phones including Samsung S6, 7, 8, Note 6, 7, 8. The PowerLounge also features a Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Hi-Fi high quality speaker and a highly powerful 7W subwoofer. This enables users to listen to their favourite sound tracks with clear and crisp sound as well as bass. Additionally, the PowerLounge is also excellent for hands-free video chatting and also works as a phone stand. The device is available in five color options including Black, Silver Grey, Papaya Orange, Champagne Gold and Millennial Pink.  

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