Treat Valentine Like Royalty – St. Royals – Fit for The Queen

When people wonder what the universal language is; there are two common answers: love and music.  As any adult knows – those two have quite the symbiotic relationship.  Whether it’s a sexy jazz solo in a smoky nightclub or a sangria-infused Latin dance night – we all know that music can get the party started.  Whether it’s the Motown song you danced to on your prom night or a dubstep rave where you met someone new and exciting; we all have experiences where music was the perfect background to meeting someone new or rekindling something that’s always been.

Why not recreate that magic?  It’s possible with St. Royals Wedding Bands.  Welcome to the world of music design, founded by the one and only Andrew St. Royal, whose experience leading a large band himself puts him in the unique position of understanding just how powerful and adaptive music can be.  Whether it’s a corporate happy hour, an intimate wedding or just a live event with their entire roster of passionate musicians – St. Royals has it all: acoustic Latin, an authentic crooner, or a powerful “superband”: St. Royals knows just how to cater an authentic musical experience.

But, wait?  Why make it so that you only slow-dance to that intimate wedding song once, or get loose on the dance-floor to that energizing anthem that reminds you of that one night you both got to let loose?  There’s no reason why you couldn’t surprise your partner on her wedding day but recreating that same experience?  Imagine how her eyes and smile will light up when you book that romantic night at a hotel, only to lead her by the hand into a dimly lit ballroom, as that oh-so-special song plays, courtesy of St. Royals?

We all know that the same things can get tiring – yes, women love jewelry, chocolate, and flowers, but they also want a night to remember.  This time, do something different.  Contact St. Royals today to make her Valentine really “her” Valentine – complete with the kind of décor she admires, the music that makes her swoon, and the atmosphere that is just right.

There’s always an extra admiration when some real thought is put it into a Valentine’s Day.  St. Royals can make the experience perfect, down to the music equipment, the draping, the lighting, and the staging.  Help them make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one – because your woman is a queen, and St. Royals knows that.

About St. Royals Wedding Bands

St. Royals band is a diverse, equal opportunity family of talented and professional musicians, DJs, event producers, and entertainment consultants.

Since 2011, our original St. Royals band has grown into a diverse, equal-opportunity family of talented and professional musicians, DJs, event producers, and entertainment consultants

Media Contact
Company Name: St. Royal Entertainment
Contact Person: Andrew St. Royal
Phone: 1-844-787-6925
Address:43 Hanna Ave #217
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M6K 1X1
Country: Canada