Door On The Go Upgrades Web Security: Commercial Residential and Emergency Door Repair Has Gotten Safer

Door On The Go, a renowned provider of reliable commercial, residential, and emergency door repair services in Toronto, is happy to inform their clients that communicating with the service online has become safer due to the latest website upgrade.

According to expert predictions, the damage from different forms of cybercrime will reach $8 trillion by 2021. And that means $8 trillion a year. In 2017 the spending in the cybersecurity industry has reached $86.4 billion and it’s expected that in a few years that number will climb well over $1 trillion. Door On The Go, a residential, commercial, and emergency door repair service from Toronto, is one of those contributing to the improvement of their web security. The company, which has been trusted by Toronto residents for years, is happy to announce its website’s upgrade to the secure HTTPS status.

Door On The Go has always prided itself on providing high quality of customer service. This new website upgrade also aims to helps the company’s customers. By seeing this Google-approved secure status, one can be sure that their private information will be safe. Any communications and other data transactions going through the Door On The Go website are guaranteed to be private and secure.

The residents of Toronto seeking emergency door repair services had an opportunity of a secure information exchange even before the upgrade. Door On The Go Facebook page has always been secure, as Facebook is another business that majorly invests in keeping their client’s safe online.

However, with this new website upgrade, contacting the company has become even easier. One doesn’t have to log into their Facebook account. Filling out a simple form offered on the website will get one in touch with the Door On The Go team instantly.

Why One Should Trust Door On The Go?

The Door On The Go team has been providing residential and commercial door repair services for over 30 years. During this time, they’ve seen and fixed all types of door problems that can occur. Even if the technicians meet any kind of new emergency, their extensive experience allows them to find a solution fast.

As any reliable emergency door repair service should, Door On The Go is available 24/7 and ready to arrive at any point in the Toronto City fast. They perform not only quick door fixes but also component repair and replacement. The company uses certified components from leading manufacturers, so one can be confident in their quality.

When the job is done, Door On The Go technicians clean up after themselves and ensure that the door works perfectly. No matter the hour, they are always ready to perform any kind of job quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable price.

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