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Los Angeles, CA – February 14, 2018 –

Will Franny survive her love-on-the-run?

Every Sunday, our hearts are filled with the goofy, gorgeous and not-so-smart ‘Kevin Ball’, AKA ‘Kev’ (Steve Howey) in Showtime’s TV series, ‘Shameless’. On the surface, him and his fierce wife, ‘Veronica Fisher’, AKA ‘V’ (Shanola Hampton), are party animals who own a bar, and never turn down a drink themselves. 


Yet, underneath the surface, Kev and V are “couple goals”, willing to go extraordinary lengths for each other and love without reservation, reminding Sunday night watchers there are no limitations on love.  

So, yes, they are rough around the edges, but what love story isn’t? 


This Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself in an extra box of chocolates and extra dose of Shameless’ Kev with TriCoast Entertainment’s ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’, which will be featured on Hoopla’s Valentine’s Day collection. 


Directed by Ash Christian, ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’ is a unique twist on a love story following young, overweight, ‘Franny’ (Jen Ponton) – something rare in Hollywood culture. Despite being self-conscious and a bit naïve, Franny is a kind, optimistic girl who wakes each day ready for a new adventures, new possibilities and exciting, new loves.  

One morning’s adventures take her to the bank where she is taken hostage by Rick while he’s robbing the bank. Yet, Franny can’t help but notice that Rick is the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. 


Franny’s fascination with Rick is captivating, as she radiates innocence and obliviousness in the midst of chaos and drama, including the fact she’s been taken hostage by a seemingly dangerous bank robber.

Love stories seem to be magical and perfect, but ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’ is a romantic comedy about an unlikely couple that is torn between true love and the chaotic world surrounding them. 


Franny’s role was taken on by the brave lead, Jen Ponton, known for ‘Jack and Danielle’ as well as featured on ‘30 Rock’, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ and ‘The Good Wife’ to name a few.

From headline: “’Love on the Run’ Breakout Star Jen Ponton Is Out to Change the Narrative”, Culture Sonar’s Celey Schumer wrote, adding, “Now, with her leading role as Franny in the indie rom-com Love On The Run, she is finally the center of attention. In a world where so few women of size are ever cast as a romantic lead, and as a body positivity activist and plus-size actress, Ponton is relishing the chance to slash stereotypes and change the narrative,” before diving into discussion about her career, the new film, and its impact on the overall body positivity movement.” 

Photo: Jen Ponton, Culture Sonar.

Speaking to Ponton about ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’, Schumer shared her admiration for Franny’s character, as her weight is “not a story requirement”.

The people–straight-sized people–who wrote and produced the film were doing that on purpose. Our director Ash Christian had also directed Fat Girls with Ashley Fink, so he was someone who had already stood up the status quo in that way. There was an incredible amount of acceptance, normalizing, empathy, and compassion on set. But you better believe when I saw that breakdown, I thought, “Oh my God I have to play this character!” said Ponton

Alongside Ponton and Howey, ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’ stars a top-notch and absurdly funny cast, including, Annaleigh Ashford (‘Masters of Sex’) and Frances Fisher (‘Titanic’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’). 

Photo: ‘Love On The Run’ cast – from left to right: Jen Ponton, Steve Howey, Annaleigh Ashford and Frances Fisher.

Not only inspirational, ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’ is a laugh-out-loud, rom-com perfect for this Valentine’s Day month. Watch it now to find out if Franny can survive her love-on-the-run with bank robber, Rick, and if this will finally be the day where all her dreams come true today on Hoopla, featured in the Valentine’s Day Collection.

Watch the ‘LOVE ON THE RUN’ trailer here: https://vimeo.com/118746906 and for more information, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2065938/.  

LOVE ON THE RUN (2016, 80 min.) Directed by Ash Christian. Editor: Evan Carp, James Casteel, Marc Wielage. Cinematographer: Sam Chase. Original Music: Kurt Gellersted. US, English. Ironclad Pictures, Cranium Entertainment, Yale Productions, TriCoast Entertainment.


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