Uniquely Trained Security Personnel – With Knowledge, Experience and Unique Capabilities

There is a very unique security company in Toronto; and it is a Toronto security company called “Northern Force Security.”  Founded by former military personnel and anti-terrorism agents; this is a very important element in these days of terrorist threats to protect clients and make them feel safe.  The experience behind the specialists working for Northern Force Security in combination with an excellent level of customer service will be the winning factor of Northern Force Security’s success as well as the satisfaction of each client.

National Force Security provides concierge security which will provide for secure and smooth operations of your hotel or condominium.  The security agents with Northern Force Security are specially trained in the identifying, directing, and registration of any visitors who arrive at your building; this will ensure the safety of the residents of the hotel or condominium. The guards with Northern Force Security have a special training to recognize anyone or thing that could pose as a potential threat or danger to the residents. NFS guards are also trained with the operation of video surveillance monitors and their operation as well.

The National Force Security, (http://nfsecurity.ca/concierge-security/) guards are also trained to know how to respond and react quickly should an emergency situation unfold.  In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or terrorist event, the NFS guard will be able to organize and apply any evacuation and security protocols needed to ensure all residents safety with a reduced risk of injury or fatalities.

Should there be an accident or incident on site that requires any emergency response; the NFS guards are well trained in this area as well.  The guard will be able to administer any emergency actions to prevent further injury while waiting for the fire department and ambulance to arrive and take over.

National Force Security would like to take a moment to wish the guards and their families as well as all Canadians a very Happy Flag Day on February 15, 2018.

The guards that apply with and become employed with National Force Security are all put through the same training programs.  These programs are meant to ensure that each guard becomes an expert in the field of security and anti-terror preparedness.

The training that is given to all National Force Security guards is performed by military personnel who specialize in safety, security, intelligence, and anti-terrorism.  Every employee of National Force Security is “hand-picked” by the founders to ensure they are in accordance with the company’s strict standards and company values.

About National Force Security:

Northern Force Security, (http://nfsecurity.ca/mission/) was founded by former military personnel with anti-terrorism experience.

Northern Force Security is a security company that has the unique mission to protect its clientele from any threats of violence, terrorism or not.  The Northern Force Security guards provide security for homes, businesses, buildings, concierge security, VIP protection, mobile security, and whatever other forms of security the guards are called upon to perform.

Northern Force Security wants to wish all Canadians a Season’s Greetings for the upcoming Flag Day holiday on February 15, 2018.

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Phone: (647) 982-1385
Address:1750 Steeles Ave West Unit#217 Concord
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