Financial topics are often greeted with cheers when they hit the headlines, and today might just be no different as Neo Super mass Corp announces their intentions to extend their services into the forex market.

February 14th, 2018 – Melbourne, AU – For centuries now, the subject about making money has been the most commonly discussed topic since value was attached to bank notes and nickels. There are over a billion annual queries on search engines looking for answers for about “how to be successful with forex”. With Neo Super Mass Corp extending their financial acumen towards the forex market, there will eventually be over a billion happy faces at the sight of the headline in the news. 

The Forex trading platform is allegedly going to be christened FintechFX. It promises to provide access to opportunities beyond the conventional boundaries of the global financial market to users. It has reportedly taken a collusion of experienced traders and information technology experts on the team to setup what would seem a perfect trading atmosphere where winning is as guaranteed as possible. 

It would be refreshing news to the lot of forex traders who have incessantly complained about the lack of a forex trading platform operating with legal licenses and professionals. Neo Super Mass, the parent company of FintechFX, is currently in the works to acquire their licenses from the US National Futures Association (NFA) and Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). An Asian market is also rumored to be in the plans of the enterprise. 

Since inception, Neo Super Mass has taken up a kingpin figure in the finance sector with impeccable success in delivering exceptional value to investors. The company has recorded remarkable success with offering up an array of funds and investment opportunities to their clients and have smashing reviews to show for it.

The company prides itself on having a culture of integrity, an operator first philosophy, value driven and services in helping customers buy and build market strategies.

Neo Super Mass History and Timeline 

The company was formerly known as Stratgro Pty Ltd before restructuring and becoming Neo Super Mass under the stewardship of a new director. The company is about 12 years old with it’s year of inception dating back to 2005. The is equipped by a team of professionals and valuable years of experience. 

The company started off in the IT field as a fintech service. With the involvement of a new investor, the company underwent a reformation to become Neo Super Mass. The new brand stayed within the finance industry but switched focus to mass investment. The new brand and matching objectives paved the way for the creation of FintechFX, a licensed forex trading platform. 

Neo Super Mass is reportedly heavily involved in property investment, finance technology, fund investment, and finance advisory. Their background and history as an IT firm leaves them with sophisticated IT solutions. Apparently, just the perfect for the new trading platform.

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Company Name: Neo Super Mass Corp
Contact Person: Noah Ayers
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Country: Australia