iFindRangeLaunches New Golf Accessory Review Website

Orlando, Florida – Whether one is a hobby golfer or seasoned golfing veteran, the player should look forward to a relaxing, enjoyable game. To this end, many people use golf range finders and other accessories to enhance their experience on the green. Gone are the days of manually checking club yardage in the heat of the day. However, the overflooding of the market with rangefinders can be cumbersome to sort through. iFindRange has launched a new website that reviews golf accessories to help both professional and beginning golfers make the most of their putting time.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the pleasure of golfing is the slog of manual yardage checks. Some golfers walk and count steps between points to get their yardage check in. Other golfers try to refer to yardage books, juggling everything from clubs to balls at the same time. Still others peer at a distant yardage marker, partially obscured by the sun beating down.But with the advent of laser rangefinders, many of these problems have been alleviated. Rangefinders utilize tracking technology to accurately measure the distance between two fixed points on the golf course. No matter the terrain, whether it is the green or the rough, a rangefinder gives a quick estimate of the range needed for a shot.

However, the abundance of rangefinders makes it difficult to find one that works effectively, adding even more frustration for golfers who simply want to get out and enjoy their game.

With the launch of their new website: http://www.ifindrange.com, iFindRange aims to help golfers find all the equipment for their needs.

The most prominent feature of the new website is the range finder shopping guide. This guide includes a detailed list of the qualities that a customer should find in a rangefinder, such as ease of use, a user manual, and most importantly, accuracy and speed. When a flag is detected, a solid finder should provide results almost instantly. These are just a few of the essential qualities that golfers should look for, and the website lists more factors for consideration when investing in a reputable range finder.

Now is a great time for a review website to enter the market, because it’s just in time for the start of golfing season. With the launch of their new website, iFindRangestrives to better serve golfers in the Orlando area.

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