Life After Basketball Explains Why Players Shoot Air Balls With Their Money

Soon millions of fans around the world will be entertained with the NBA All Star Weekend of 2018.  As each year comes and goes, new talent enters, and old talent exits the game.  When players transition to life after basketball, many can’t find financial success and shoot air balls with their money.  This article will 5 provide valid reasons why.

  1. They associate negative feelings with having money.
  2. They rely too much on advisors.
  3. They get comfortable and live for the moment.
  4. They don’t have the discipline to learn financial literacy.
  5. They are not students of self-improvement.

The root of money problems comes from a player’s beliefs and experiences about money growing up.  Such as: arguing over money, not investing money, not saving money, and struggling to make money.  That mental blueprint of money is deeply formed into the bone marrow. 

Look at an orange tree with fruit on it.  It is obvious that, in order to produce the result of an orange, there first must be an orange seed in the ground.   Not pumpkin a seed, or apple seed.  The fruit on the tree is a result of what has been planted. 

So if basketball players take a look at their financial fruit in life after basketball and they don’t like them, they are focusing more on the results.  Remember what makes the actual fruit is the seed.  It is what is underground that creates what is above the ground.  To change the visible (money fruit) they must change the invisible (money seed).   The invisible is the mentality.  

Thoughts are the prophets of the future. Thoughts equal feelings, feelings equal actions, and actions equal results.

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