UK Roller Doors Now Offering Technologically Advanced Automated Roller Doors

Kent, United Kingdom – Products in the current era are all about convenience and efficiency. From smart home systems to trendy new electronic gadgets, advancements in technology are being adapted and innovated to improve convenience and efficiency in people’s lives, and this includes electric garage doors in Kent. While the garage door industry may not seem like the place where technological advancements are thriving, new automation systems are being used to create more convenient—and safer—garage doors. UK Roller Doors, a specialist in garage and roller doors, is now offering to supply and install the latest in automated roller doors.

An automatic roller door provides convenience by allowing the driver to stay in their car to operate the door when arriving at or leaving from home. It also provides security for both the contents of the garage and the owners of the garage. Space, or lack thereof, is a struggle today too, but roller doors save space but moving vertically rather than outward. Garage doors on vertical tracks entail that a resident can park a vehicle right up to the door on the outside.

UK Roller Doors is a supplier and installation provider of automated garage doors in Kent, Southeast London and East Sussex. They are family owned and pride themselves in designing and installing completely automatic and bespoke doors. The newest line of automated garage roller doors that they are offering is optimized to improve convenience, space-efficiency, and safety in people’s lives.

UK Roller Doors provides two models of roller doors. The Compact 55 is an economic solution for smaller spaces. The Optima 77 is a more robust door featuring a safety brake feature, and it is compatible with all garage sizes. All models are equipped with safety control features like key switches, keypads, and external override functionality. In addition, the company installsproducts by Rollerdor, with which they are partnered for installation, and they offer industry leading support on all Rollerdoor products. UK Roller Doors ensures the highest electrical and engineering principles in installations and offers a free consultation.

The clients of UK Roller Doors offer positive recounts of their experiences. Their numerous testimonials as well as projects that have been completed by UK Roller Doors can be viewed via

As people continue to seek new ways to maximize the efficiency of their living spaces, they are increasingly turning to investments such as the addition of an automatic rollerdoor to their homes. With the latest in automated roller doors, UK Roller Doors is staying at the forefront of the industry to help make their clients’ lives more convenient and efficient.

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