HexClad Voted Best Valentine’s Day Gift by Readers Digest

Los Angeles, California – Valentine’s day is all about the love, whether it’s just for a friend or someone more serious. With that in mind, gift giving is often how love is expressed, and thus the question arises of what is the best gift to give? Reader’s Digest has weighed in on the issue and has voted the new cookware line from HexClad as the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Any special occasion, but especially one themed around love, is bound to involve food. Whether it’s chocolate and roses or a romantic dinner out on the town, this holiday is the prime time to enjoy food, and Hexclad’s new non-stick pan aims to make food preparation easier than ever.

Cooking is a wonderful activity, often made better when done together. One of the most basic things that people struggle with in the kitchen is the quality of their cookware. This is something that can ruin even the best meal prepared by a head chef. There are numerous pans and styles of cookware out there, all with different benefits. However, theHexClad non-stick pan is engineered with tri-ply stainless steel and a patented non-stick surface that doesn’t scratch or peel. Their innovative design is why Reader’s Digest puts it at the top of must-have Valentine’s Day gifts.

In their HexClad review, Reader’s Digest takes a look at how the pans in this line landed the top gift spot. They highly rate the nonstick feature created by the signature HexClad patternfor lighter cooking, and the fact that all the pans from this brand have a durable surface that can withstand extensive use and a lot of cooking only adds to the appeal. They describe it as a hybrid technology that is metal-utensil and dishwasher safe, oven safe to 500 degrees, PFOA free, and nonstick on both the interior and exterior of the pans. This means that food has no chance to stick whether it’s just being prepared or spills out.

Being metal-utensil safe also means that the surface is scratch resistant. In addition, it is equipped with metal handles that are designed to dissipate heat. The pan comes with a lifetime warranty. This new line by HexClad features four different sized pans with lids, that can be purchased individually or in a set of three skillets with their lids, or in a set of three skillets, lids, and the wok.

HexClad offers customizability for their kitchen cookware sets, allowing buyers to add a personal touch to their gifts. The HexClad pans are easily found either online or at Costco. Whether beginners or master chefs, numerous cooks have been helped by the features that HexClad pans boast.

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