Rose Gold on the Rise Among Ring Buyers

Rose gold is a striking new trend in engagement rings that is on the rise all over the country.

Rose gold has a pale pink coloration that is eye-catching and beautiful. The color is soft enough to pair with most weddings, yet different enough to make rose gold engagement rings stand out among other rings.

Many rings go with more classic colors like yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The rise of rose gold indicates that ring buyers are ready and eager for something a little different. Modern weddings often merge the classic with the off-beat to create a wholly new feel and look and rose gold pairs perfectly with this aesthetic.

Hayden Cudworth, a leading seller of engagement and wedding rings, has seen an uptick in the amount of customers asking for rose gold with their rings. Fortunately, Hayden Cudworth offers a wide range of rose gold rings with different types of diamonds and settings.

Rose gold pairs well with most styles of rings, including emerald cuts, princess cuts, three stone rings and others. The color can even go with rings that have only a single diamond in them, since the rose gold is so striking on its own. The color can impact the diamond, giving it a rosy hue as well.

Engagement ring trends can change quickly. Even though the traditions of weddings and engagements are very old, the details shift quickly. Rose gold is in vogue now because it looks different from most of the other rings out there, but as it gains in prominence, it may become a more standard look that isn’t quite as striking. For the moment, even celebrities are attracted to the gorgeous rose gold color that is being added to rings.

Hayden Cudworth allows ring buyers to try a range of rings at home. This allows people to test out styles like rose gold for themselves before committing to such a bold decision. At home try-on is becoming more common in the industry, with more and more people wanting to see the ring for themselves before committing to such a big purchasing decision.

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