Utah Filmmaker A. J. Moss has Completed Two Short Films that He is Taking to Film Festivals

“Utah filmmaker A. J. Moss taking short films to film festivals.”
A.J. Moss is an ambitious up-and-coming filmmaker who has completed two new short films. He is the writer and director of both, and stars in the leading role of one of them.

Orem, UTAH – A.J. Moss wrote the screenplay and directed the short films “Captive” and “Offense,” and also plays the lead role of Jay in Offense, who he says he strongly identifies with.

Jay is an over-obsessed boy who is determined to prove he can beat his younger, but his taller brother (Adriano Wellington) in a one-on-one basketball game in this psychological, suspense story of excessive sibling rivalry.

“Offense explores tragedy in relationships, and psychological corruption of the mind through obsession and passion – and that can be terrifying. This film explores the dark and light that is inside all of us,” explained Moss. A trailer for the film has been released.

Offense digs deep into desire for superiority and domination, and the risks that come with such aspirations. Both the older and younger brothers have both a light and a dark side, and they struggle as both sides try to break through, which leads to a bigger and more terrifying story.

“I took the role of the lead not because I felt like I needed to introduce myself as an actor, but because of the closeness I felt with the character,” explained Moss.

Captives is another psychological suspense drama that gives a frightening look inside the mind of a depraved character. He says this story is based on numerous true events about the abduction of children. Donni (Isabella Jarque) is taken from the safety of her home and held in isolation by a terrifying and mysterious man. Moss has released a trailer for Captives.

“The characters are fictional, but the story is inspired by the strength and courage of so many children who have been forced to suffer terrible circumstances that no one, let alone a child, deserves. It is impossible for me to truly capture the horror that a child can go through when put to these situations. The true events that I researched were haunting, and hard to read. I started to wonder if there was even a way to tell a story of this nature that would give respect to these children, but not send the wrong message to audience. This is a story about the inner strength and courage that I believe dwells in all children,” described Moss.

Both films are being submitted to a number of film festivals, according to Moss.

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