Lipsia’s Vocals and Style Shine at New York Fashion Week 2018

Vocal powerhouse Lipsia released a music video for new single “Borracho” this past December. The video along with her other musical achievements last year gave her a sort of “muse” status among the designers involved with New York Fashion Week’s 2018 Fall-Winter season. Being dressed by multiple designers and performing at various fashion shows, Lipsia was a staple among the fashion-elite during this season’s Fashion Week.

Oozing confidence and an edgy style it is no wonder that so many designers wanted her front-row at their shows. She has a presence that draws you in, piquing your interest and leaving you wanting more. Being involved with the Son Jung Wan, Christian Cowan, Leanne Marshall, and Dan Liu shows (among others) has solidified herself as an artist of many forms, fitting in seamlessly to any world based in the creative.

Lipsia’s ability to fuse fashion and music adds intrigue to her craft. We can expect many more of such fusions as Lipsia has only just begun to bring her music into the world of high-fashion.

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