Nate Dogg & Lil Nate Dogg dominate Nielsan soundscan charts with new song “Get Away”

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Nate Dogg has done it again. Nate Dogg & Lil Nate Dogg, in 1 week have managed to beat out: Drake, and Ty Dolla Sign on the Nielsan Soundscan radio reports. The song is only one slot behind Bruno Mars and Carbi B’s new song “Finesse”. The song “Get Away” is the last Nate Dogg song that will come out, released 7 years after his passing. It features his son known as Lil Nate Dogg (Nathaniel Dwayne Hale Jr) singing to his late father, and features another catchy, trademark chorus from Nate Dogg himself.  Back in the day, this song was produced and recorded by Pimpin Young, who also features on the song. The song has been nationwide on mainstream  radio and is starting to gain traction at major US radio stations. This song marks both the first time Lil Nate Dogg recorded a song with his father, and Lil Nate Dogg’s world premiere on Broadcast radio. The song is snowballing fast on nationwide radio. Although Lil Nate Dogg is not trying to fill his dad shoes, he wants to celebrate his fathers legacy with fans everywhere.

This also is his debut album release of “Son Of A G” which contains over 16 songs from the young, emerging artist. Lil Nate Dogg is said to be working on a big hit song right now with famous producer Mally Mall (Migos, Drake, Justin Bieber, Black Chyna, French Montana, Swalee) and featuring R N B heartthrob Santo August.

Lil Nate Dogg son of singing rap icon and 4 time Grammy nominee Nate Dogg has released an emotional lyric video for his song “Get Away” which also features his father. The lyric video summons Nate Dogg in the form of rare live performance footage and tribute photographs. It also includes footage of Lil Nate Dogg himself performing at various packed concerts. Over the last 7 days “Get Away” has over 500,000 worldwide streams and is on its way to 1 million.

Lil Nate Dogg who has spent a few years developing under the label Hood And Associates released his debut album on the label (with help of the Return Of Doggystyle Records and Pimp On Entertainment) and is getting a huge buzz.

The new album, out now, from Nate Dogg’s own son Lil Nate Dogg (Nathaniel Dwayne Hale jr), age 23, entitled “Son Of A G” will contain 4 new versions, remade for the modern day generation, of his father’s classic hits. The young and talented child of the rap icon comes across strong with a revamp of “Cant Deny It”. Lil Nate Dogg re writes some of the lyrics in the chorus to reflect his own lifestyle and what people “Cant Deny” about the son of a legend. His smooth rap skills come across strong on the song. Another Nate Dogg massive hit song transformed into his son’s voice is “Im Fly” . Critics have already given the album very high remarks and praise and call Lil Nate Dogg a “Psychical and vocal clone of his father”. “He has done a tremendous job at re doing his father’s hit songs and this will definitely put Lil Nate Dogg on the map worldwide, as he continues to follow in the footsteps of his father’s legacy being a “Son Of A G”,” says Ditch, the co founder of the Orange County, California record label Hood And Associates.

The album “Son Of A G” is available now, worldwide everywhere music is sold or streamed digitally from Hood And Associates, A Randolph & Ditch Production, in association with The Return Of Doggystyle Records and Pimp On Entertainment. Worldwide distribution is provided by Universal Music Group.

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