Jacket Sunscreen Launches New Website & Packaging For 2018

The popular sunscreen has been already sold in the thousands nationwide & is getting a phenomenal feedback from active men.

Jacket Sunscreen has proudly announced the launch of its all-new and updated website at JacketSunscreen.com. With this new website launch, the popular sunscreen brand has also redone its packaging and branding for the upcoming year of 2018. Developed by a Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Thomas Balshi M.D., Jacket is an internationally renowned sunscreen designed for the active male and the brand has already sold thousands of sunscreens nationwide.

“The greatest feature of our all-new, non-greasy and smooth sunscreen is its SPF50+ Sunscreen Formula, which is proven to block 98% of UVB rays, which is 5% more than SPF 15,” said Dr. Balshi, the spokesperson of Jacket Sunscreen, while introducing its features. “With our new and updated website and packaging, we are all set to start the New Year with more determination than ever before to protect the skin of the American people,” he added. According to Dr. Balshi, the extra percentage of SPF might not seem like a big deal, but this percentage plays a major role when it comes to countering the suns damaging rays.

In addition, Jacket is basically a sunscreen that contributes in repairing damaged skin. Nobody has ever heard of the idea that a sunscreen can do more than just protection against the sun’s rays, but Jacket has changed all the trends in this industry. Every dab of Jacket has rich amounts of natural extracts that continuously keep working on repairing the skin while the user is tearing it apart all day under the scorching and unforgiving sun. Furthermore, the company is getting a phenomenal response from customers from around the world and especially from across the United States, who are sharing amazing reviews and testimonials on their experience.

Ingredients of this amazing Jacket Sunscreen are also all natural and the company does not use any additives or harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. Some of these key ingredients include Green Tea, which is a natural sun protector and a strong antioxidant. In addition to the Green Tea, the sunscreen also contains Alpha Arbutin, which is another natural herbal ingredient responsible for fading sun damage spots away. Besides that, Pomegranate Extract is also used and it is known worldwide as one of the most potent antioxidants to clean up free radicals.

Other ingredients include Cucumber Extract for soothing inflamed skin and reducing puffiness around the eyes. In addition, Vitamin C Extract, which is known to help hyper pigmentation and reduce wrinkle depth is also used in the sunscreen along with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to hydrate, sooth and repair. The man behind the success of this sunscreen is a South Florida native and seasoned dermatologist Dr. Thomas Balshi.

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