NVESS™ Announces the Launch of the iPhone X Wireless Charger Power Bank Case

NVESS™ has introduced an iPhone wireless charging case with a removable power bank for those that require extra battery life throughout the day but also require the least amount of bulkiness and additional weight.

Norcross, GA – February 15th, 2018 – NVESS™ is excited to announce the launch of a new, innovative iPhone X case with a removable power bank and integrated wireless Qi wireless charging pad. The official launch date for the iPhone X wireless charger power bank case is 2/16/18

NVESS™ has introduced an extremely interesting iPhone Qi wireless charger case with removable power bank, challenging the status quo of traditional clunky and heavy power bank cases.  Their twist on this particular market is that they have produced a power bank that can be removed from the actual phone leaving the user free from the bulkiness of a traditional power bankiPhone charging case.  The NVESS™ power bank case is comprised of two pieces.  The first component is the wireless Qi charging power bank itself with a battery capacity of 5,000mAh (estimated charging capability would be a little over 1.5x charge) and an extremely minimalistic and light case as the second component.  They are attached and detached from one another magnetically.  In addition, the wireless Qi charging power bank can charge other Qi wireless charging capable devices. 

“This product is for people that are on the go that need extra juice throughout the day but don’t want to be burdened by a heavy and bulky case,” said Mike Kim, President of design implementations.  “It provides people the freedom to go about their daily life unencumbered by bulkiness.  For example, you’re at the office and you have your power bank attached to the phone and then you have to get up to go to a meeting.  Well rather than take the power bank and the phone, now you can detach the power bank from the phone and go to your meeting or if you’re in your car on the way to the mall, once you get there, you can again remove the power bank and walk in with just the phone, safeguarded by a lightweight minimalistic case.   So many different ways this case can have a positive impact on your daily life.” 

 Highlights of the new NVESS™ iPhone X removable power bank case include:

  • Battery Life: 5,000mAh which provides up to about 1.5x charging capability for the iPhone X and can charge other wireless Qi wireless charging capable devices
  • Weight: Power Bank 5 oz. or 142 grams and Case 1 oz. or 32 grams.  Total weight of 6 oz. or 174 grams
  • Function: Integrated power switch allowing on and off and Four LED indicators to reflect charging and discharging of iPhone charging case
  • Safety: A double PCB board avoids overcharging of device
  • Practicality: Integrated Kickstand and detachable power bank

Price and Availability:

The NVESS™ iPhone X removable power bank is currently available on Amazon USA as well on the NVESS™ website at mynvess.com with an MSRP of $49.99

NVESS™ is a supplier of high-quality power bank cases, distinguishing themselves from their peers with special attention to practical use and comfort for their cases. 

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