Author’s new book “Lord Bachelor” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Marta Tandori for Readers’ Favorite

A beautiful spitfire of a heroine…a handsome British hero who’s heir to a family fortune…a dire situation and a brazen scheme – the perfect mix of ingredients in Lord Bachelor, a thoroughly delightful love story by Tammy L. Bailey. Handsome Lord Edmund Rushwood, heir to a British fortune, is enjoying a carefree visit with his good friend, Will Simpson, in the States, after which he must buckle down and find himself a suitable wife. He has just three months to do it, thanks to a caveat in his late father’s will stipulating that he must be married to a rich and socially acceptable bride by his twenty-sixth birthday – or at least be engaged to one – or lose his inheritance. Will, who’s the host of a local dating game show, decides that he’s going to put Edmund on his show as the eligible Lord Bachelor. Beautiful student Abby Forester, who’s working as a waitress at the same function to make extra money, is forced to wait on her former egotistical classmate, Will, and his friend, Edmund. She’s immediately attracted to Edmund, but is turned off when he tells her that he must find a wife. Will remembers that Abby had done a genealogy paper for one of their classes some time back that could potentially contain the ideal blue-blood candidate for Edmund’s wife. The only problem is, she’s not willing to give up the paper for anyone, least of all the debonair Edmund…

As with most romance novels, the main protagonists in Lord Bachelor are attractive and sexy, while also having character traits that both attract and irritate the other. This gives the story the required sexual tension that keeps readers compelled to continue reading. Bailey makes her readers aware of that tension from the beginning and she does a great job of maintaining it throughout the book. Abby has the freshness of a delicate blossom while Edmund is equal parts cocky and caring, making him an irresistible foil to her feisty, spitfire independence. The narrative is solid and the dialogue brisk as the two characters exchange verbal sparring with tenacious gusto. Bailey has a real knack for building the sexual tension, but doesn’t revert to blatant in-your-face sexuality to keep things interesting. Romance novels tend to be formulaic so the dating game aspect gives Lord Bachelor a nice twist. There are also a few poignant and touching moments that are sure to pull at the heartstrings. Equal parts The Bachelor and Cinderella, with a dash of Pride and Prejudice thrown in for good measure, Lord Bachelor is the perfect romantic cocktail worth savoring.”

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