Seize Cell phone Repair Service Opportunity in 2018

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about doing business in many different ways, and smartphone repair job is exactly in your mind. This is an emerging and developing industry, if you want to start this service and to be your own boss, you will only need to invest the least, also the skills are easy to learn. Missed the chances in 2016 and 2017 is not too late. In 2018, what you need to do is to seize this opportunity on time to start smartphone repair service.

Why it’s a promising job? As we know, mobile phone is a super portable device with a LCD glass screen, which leads to a large number of broken displays every day. According to statistics, nearly 25% of all smart phone users are getting trouble of screen damage. Although broken screens make up a large part of the smartphone repair business, they are not the only problem. The Android or iPhone battery replacement, loudspeaker, camera and other spare parts problem,  connection problem, virus and performance problem are also very common that are facing by all of phone repair professionals from every different country.


Before starting mobile phone repair service, what knowledge you need to acquire?

2 modes of operation choice are available:

Mobile service

Obviously, unlike storefront smartphone repair service, mobile service is not open to the public. The lack of storefront makes many repair professionals operate in their own home. This option greatly reduces the owner’s start-up costs. In the case of mobile service, sales and market operations are essential to the acquisition of the first customers. Because there is no entity location to instilling the initial customer trust, the owners need to ensure that every aspect of the business can be professional as possible, including website, repair offer and repair ticket. The mobile service also provides phone maintenance and mail services. These options provide convenience for customers, especially for very busy customers.

So mobile service can be a choice for a low capital owner and provides convenience for your customers. It is also conducive to the development of the relationship with customers, is a good referral. The shortcoming of the mobile service is that it can only work on one device at a time. This will produce a lower profit margin, but it will allow you to better control your schedule.


The storefront seems to be everywhere, streets, squares, shopping malls and so on anywhere. These sites also allow owners to participate in brand building. If you are ready to start the mobile service job, the store is the best way to start your brand. The most suitable place will be an area with more traffic and more traffic, which is an important source of new customers.  What you need to understand is that the location is one of the main business expenses, and the owner will need to ensure that the store keeps its normal business hours. The store will let the customer give you more trust, it shows the legitimacy. Having a storefront allows you to keep your stock and phone repair equipment in one place and allow you to work on multiple devices. However, it is much more expensive to start your own store than the mobile maintenance service. This may be the ideal choice for an owner with a large amount of money and is able to take risks.

Which one is suitable for you? It depends on your situation. The mobile service may be feasible for someone that has no any experience before since it’s only a small amount of money is required.


When starting mobile phone repair service, what operation steps you have to plan?

8 steps of starting smartphone service job:


Choose right location

After deciding on the mobile phone repair service model you want to start, the choice of location is very important. In accordance with the specific business model, the establishment of jobs.

You can consider renting a storefront in a shopping mall or square, as this ensures that you are in a high traffic area. The prepaid cost of a storefront may be slightly higher, and you need to have enough financial capacity to make sure that the store is running for a long time.  If you want to run the business from the location of the store, then choose a suitable retail space. If you want to provide services on a mobile basis, you can also set up a workstation at home.

Get legal registration

After making a plan, you must register your business. In addition, you have to get a business license for your smartphone repair work, and contact the government agencies where you intend to do business to get a license. For example, in California, you are registered with the California equalization Committee. Basically, it depends on different state. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the licensing factors with local advisers. In addition, you must also understand the upcoming tax liabilities and compliance debts.

Analyse local market

Mobile phone repair service market is very competitive, no doubt there are a lot of competitors. But don’t lose confidence and ambition because of this, healthy competition is a factor in a successful business. Through effective data, you can get better and better business through comparison and planning.

Select good supplier

It’s better to find a manufacturer to help you maximize your profit. Although you may need to bulk order 10 to 200 at a time but you save a lot of money. According to the type of phone replacement parts, the price may be less than $1 a piece, but it can be sold many times. If you like to buy your stock, view the online market such as Alibaba or IndiaMART. If you want to attract customers to buy products made in the United States, consider suppliers such as ThomasNet and MFG.

Invest necessary equipment or tools

Correct equipment is required for specific business requirements. Some basic repair tools you have to prepare like small screwdriver set, phone opening tools kit, phone PCB fixture holder, hot air rework station, etc. In addition, there must be a computer with a Internet connection.  And it must be a workbench to complete the repair work.

Invest human resource

Basically the requirement of human resource depends on the business model and the size of the business. If you want to hire employees, never go against the quality of your employees. Because employees are the biggest aspects of any entrepreneurial activity.

Promote your business

No matter how your mobile phone repair service model is, you have to promote your business. Make a marketing plan based on your target audience and investment ability. You must try to make people aware of your service.



To seize the best opportunity to build a smartphone repair business, if properly managed, it can be a great way to make money and have a strong balance between work and life. The emphasis on quality components and services is the key to maintain profitability. They will decide if you can get customers’ trust and support, at the same time, they are also the crucial factors for getting long-term and decent profits.

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