2018 ASEAN Blockchain Summit to Open on March 7th

The end of 2017 witnessed a call from Xiaoping Xu for entrepreneurs to march into the business of Blockchain, which swept across the industry and sparked a hot debate about the technology. As an increasing number of companies and institutions announce their commitment to entering Blockchain industry, a profound and comprehensive understanding of this disruptive technology, of its application and the trend in 2018 is the homework must be done for both those who are about to, and those who have entered the battlefield.   

Today, we obtain the exclusive information from a relevant source that the 2018 ASEAN Blockchain Summit hosted by China Commerce in Cambodia Association is to convey in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia on March 7th. According to the Association, the Summit with “Tomorrowland built on Blockchain” as its theme has invited renowned scholars and experts specialize in Blockchain, and representatives from world-class Blockchain tech institutions to exchange their ideas on the sector. The Summit’s agenda will focus on the interpretation of policies for the Blockchain industry, the forecast on the industrial trend, the exploration of the application of Blockchain technology in traditional sectors, the financing environment, and the growth of digital asset industry, all of which have been the focus of the public attention.

The Association states that it is hoped to build an international platform where people can share, communicate, and cooperate with each other regarding Blockchain technology through this  

Men Sam An, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia

Summit, which in turn boosts the ASEAN countries’ participation in the new FinTech wave.

“We hope to drive Cambodia’s economic growth with the application of the most advanced Blockchain technology, and to enable this country to catch the global smart economy wave by bringing the leading financial technologies from China and the rest of the world to this country, implementing them on a case-by-case basis,” says the source from the Association.

The source also points out that the first “ASEAN Digital Currency and the Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute” will be established during the summit to support local regions and governments and push forward the development and application of this technology in ASEAN countries.

In addition, the Royal Government of Cambodian endorses this summit, along with other relevant organizations and associations from ASEAN and other countries and regions. Men Sam An, the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, member of the General Committee of Cambodian People’s Party, and minister of Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection will also be present and deliver a speech.

It is also worth mentioning the Summit will see the release of a digital currency project titled ENTAPAY. Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An will attend the press conference to cut the ribbon for celebration.

We also learn that ENTAPAY is to connect the real world with the unification of cryptocurrency payment gateways, which may replace VISA and become the new leading payment application.

For more information about the Summit, please visit: http://www.asean-blockchain.com/

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