Cheryl Ainsworth Martin has written a new poetry book entitled: “A collection of Poems: More cooked up poetry\”

This book is awe-inspiring. It tells of the struggles that an immigrant woman faced in order to stay alive and be successful in New York after a life of pain, anguish, and abuse in New York. Cheryl believes that poetry is a secret way of mastering reading, because of the rhyme, rhythm, and beats which are captured when written in the poetic form of stanzas and verses. She thinks that poetry is an excellent way for scholars to master reading skills quickly; this book captures the rhyme and rhythm of words. It is about all kinds of feelings and emotions of the heart. It is about the soul. We can feed the soul with poetry. It is about the excitement that we all experience in the multiculturalism of the melting pot of New York; it describes the flavor of words, and beats as they occur on a daily basis in the metropolitan areas of the cities. This book shares the love that we all have inside, which we can use to unite everyone in our own diversity. It shows the essence of living, caring and sharing. This fantastic new book celebrates the wonder of unity in diversity. Although we are different, we are all human beings who can show love.

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About the author

Cheryl Ainsworth Martin was born and raised in Guyana, South America. She is from a family of teachers. Both of her parents were Principals or Headteachers. She began her teaching career in two Methodist schools in Guyana. Then she immigrated to the USA. She continued her studies at Brooklyn College, of the City University of New York, where she received her Master’s Degree in Education. Cheryl taught for thirty -three years in the Public Schools of the New York City, Department of Education. Although now retired, Cheryl has written several books, and she has distinguished herself as a spoken word artist, and as a comedienne. She believes that poetry can be a shortcut to Literacy. She believes in the power of love, caring and sharing. She loves to tell stories about growing up in different kinds of places. She celebrates the wonder and beauty of poetry with this new publication.

Cheryl Ainsworth Martin has eight siblings: Fleur, Vere, Donald, Ewalt, Holly, Leslie, Bridgette and Mayfield, the last two of whom, are now deceased. She is the mother of Shari, Nicole, and Vanessa Marie Martin. She is the grandmother of Troy, Trent and Triniti Gaillard of Virginia. She believes that everyone can be an instrument of peace and that education remains one of our passports out of slavery and poverty. She also knows that “Reading is Fundamental.

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