HIT24 Cryptocurrency Platform Working to Simplify the Industry

New Platform Organized To Help Support Currency Trades and Research Assistance

February 16, 2018 – The HIT24 network is being promoted by its founders as one of the most unique cryptocurrency-related opportunities around. This operates as a place where people can trade cryptocurrencies and move their funds into one’s bank account. It works as a social network platform for currency enthusiasts.

The network will provide information on cryptocurrencies and trading opportunities with user-created and submitted content involved. The goal of the network is to make it easier for people to find and use cryptocurrencies as they see fit. It works with a simple verification process and an easy to manage setup.

HIT24 is focusing on a series of key layers for operation. To start, it will use portfolio management tools that help people to identify their currency investments. This includes an analysis of prices and their volatility levels.

Social trading is also offered as a solution for handling currencies through HIT24. People can transfer currencies between one another effortlessly through the platform.

A full marketplace layer is also included on the setup. This works to help people identify how trades may be handled on secondary markets. This makes it easier for people to find new products and to make them easy to follow.

The overall functionality of HIT24 is still being worked upon. This will entail working with support for reviewing ICOs. This includes working to analyze how well individual ICOs operate and to figure out which ones have the best overall potential for future success. Full work from the community would be required for making it easier for individual ICOs to be reviewed and analyzed in many forms.

A new function will be released in 2018 that allows a smart contract to send a certain number of funds to a trader. When a trader gets into an ICO, those funds are moved from the smart contract to copy a certain move.

The general work for HIT24 is to help get cryptocurrency trading to be easier for people to handle while also offering extra information on how currencies can be used on today’s market.

Additional information on what will be made available through HIT24 can be found online at ethhit24.com.

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