Smart Fart, the revolutionary new pill that makes human gas scented, launches on Indiegogo

Smart Fart is the innovative new pill that teaches, ‘The art of fart’ by making human fart smell like perfumes. The pill now launched on Indiegogo will make farting in public or at homeless embarrassing as there will be no stinky smells, only a breeze of perfumed air. The campaign launched with a goal of $1,200,000 has already started to receive good reviews from the backers, obviously considering that farting is a universal phenomenon.

Smart Fart is created with an aim to turn a human fart into a fragrant cloud so there will be less frustration at school, office, cinema, restaurant, dates and family time. Holding the fart every time at a public place causes stomach cramping and general discomfort but with this brand new pill, the user can easily pass that unwanted gas from the body without getting embarrassed because of the bad smell.

This pill is created to build the Smart Fart generation where farts are not stinky anymore and as a number of people starts using it, it will become pretty common and everyone will feel comfortable in public. A number of people may have faced embarrassing situations because they farted in public. There are instances when kids are bullied in school due to their smelly farts but not anymore because Smart Fart will ensure that it makes those foul gases into sweetly scented farts and boosts confidence, self-esteem, coolness and overall personality in public.

Attila Csenski is the man behind Smart Fart who thought of this idea after being caught up in an uncomfortable situation at his daughter’s school function. Throughout his daughter’s performance, he had to hold his fart and feel utter discomfort which eventually inspired him to create something that would make it easier for everyone to pass gas in the public. With all the funds raised from Indiegogo, he plans to create at least 150 different fragrances by cooperating with biggest perfume manufacturers. His plan is to send out this pill to all the drug stores and continue launching special, limited and seasonal editions of the Smart Fart pill.

In long term, this pill could be offered by major food joints and restaurants after a great meal. The retail price of the pill is estimated to be $4 USD but the backers have a chance to purchase the pills at an early bird price through the Indiegogo campaign. By choosing the $10 perk, the backers can get 5 Smart fart pills and by choosing the $100 perk, they can get 50 pills along with an exclusive pill container and voting rights on for recommendations.

More information about the Smart Fart pill and the perks available can be seen at

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